Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spa at the Cape Grace Signature Spice Journey Treatment

Based on Vasco Da Gama’s voyages and trade with exotic lands, The Spa has embraced this history with its new signature treatment, Spice Journey.

Lasting 90 minutes at R885 per session, this treatment takes one on a journey from India to Kenya, Tanzania to Madagascar and Mozambique to South Africa. Each of these three journeys encompasses certain treatment elements.

Commence the first leg of the journey in India with a Pre-treatment Rub, relaxing the senses with hints of musk and sandalwood.  A primer for the skin, it relaxes the muscles and sets the atmosphere for the rest of the treatment.

Follow this with a Fruit Butter Emulsion Scrub to exfoliate and condition the skin, stopping off in Kenya.

Departing from Tanzania, the Honey Soft Earth Mud will hydrate and nourish the skin by making use of honey, kaolin and olive oil. The Showergel that follows incorporates tamarind, used in India to relieve fever and pain, as well as lemon, which improves cellulite. Come to rest in Madagascar.

Set off for the final leg of the journey from Mozambique with the Massage Butter, a smooth body butter which contains Kigelia Africana, an antiseptic; Rooibos, a natural anti-oxidant and Aloe vera, a natural wound healer.

This is followed by a Body Mist Spray to sooth and refresh the skin. South Africa is the final destination.

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