Monday, July 18, 2011

Invisible Zinc

Australian owned company Ganehill are behind the new generation sunscreens “Invisible Zinc” – a range of everyday sunscreen, skin care and cosmetic products all utilizing a world patented form of micronized zinc oxide.

This is a natural, 100% mineral blocker that gives a physical protection barrier to ultra violet radiation and environmental pollutants.

Currently our cosmetic/sun-protection hybrid product Tinted Daywear is the biggest selling product, last year outselling any other cosmetic product in department store.

Groundbreaking Australian technology means all Invisible Zinc sunscreens are able to use the superior physical protection of Zinc Oxide and are proudly free of all chemical sun-filters. Most sunscreens still on the market today still use these chemical UV filters – not only do they offer little or no protection against dangerous UVA radiation but they breakdown in UV light. Whereas Invisible Zinc acts like a physical skin shield that reflects UV light away and protects delicate skin in our harsh climate. It’s simply an everyday essential.

Tinted Daywear is an all in one – try it instead of your usual moisturiser and foundation. IZ has won numerous awards, including ‘World’s Best New Beauty Product 2006’ at the Wallpaper Awards in London – judged by an esteemed panel including Lord Norman Foster, Donna Karan and Mario Testino.

Our important advice is this: by all means try any anti-ageing treatment at night, but PROTECT your skin with a physical UV shield like Invisible Zinc every day. It’s never too late for you, and never too early to start with your children!

Available at Clicks, and selected pharmacies and spas.

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