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Top 10 Red Carpet Hair Trends by Marc Anthony Celebrity Hair Stylist

Toronto – February 27, 2011 – A wave of high sophistication yet delicate charm flooded the Red Carpet at this evening’s 83rd Annual Academy Awards; it takes us back to the time of the ‘movie star’, when picture perfect glam was status quo.

It was a melting pot of decades - from soft 40s waves to sexy 60s bombshell - and every strand played its role to perfection. Tonight’s Oscar style had that gratifying feeling of “yes I worked hard to look this good and proud of it”.

1.Cate Blanchett

Cate’s cut was simply amazing. We love that she just got a perfect blowout and left it at that. Her side part looked flirty and the body in the blowout let it move with her. This was definitely a modern bob.

2.Anne Hathaway

Anne wore an amazing red dress on the Red Carpet. This was a great colour for her and so were her lovely highlights. The bits that were left out at the front gave it a young look but the overall feel was very grown up. The clean simple low bun wrapped and tucked into a half circle had a very 40s feeling to it.

3.Reese Witherspoon

Her high ponytail was very Bridget Bardot in feeling – it was so polished and elegant. This look works well when you Velcro roller the hair before hand for a fuller finish. Hair is wrapped around
the elastic and the pony is left to fall naturally.

4.Sandra Bullock

Her messy bun worked because it was not tight or overly contrived. She has left her hair natural with that great wave and then pulled it up for a very modern finish. We’re glad that she pushed that heavy fringe off of her face.

5.Scarlett Johansson

Her short, blunt cut really worked for the Red Carpet. She may get a bit of flack for the casualness of her hair but with her classic look she could have easily looked overdone. This was a nice balance. The simple blowout and lightly curled finish looked modern and fresh, which is something she does not always get right. This time she did.
6.Hailee Steinfeld

Perfectly grown up her look was just right for her age. The modern twists in this could have been a tad too mature but were made soft by their execution. Two bits twisted together and wrapped over and under worked well and the hair band kept it young in feeling.

 7.Celine Dion

Celine arrived with shine, body and a very cool mix of Veronica Lake and Victoria’s Secret. Hair loosely wrapped around a large barrel curling iron has never looked so good – You go Miss `Canadienne`.

8.Mila Kunis

We loved Mila Kunis’ Red Carpet hair. A few finger waves as a nod to the 30s with a semi messy bun loosely pinned in the back to make it modern.

9.Michelle Williams

We love that her hair is a bit longer now. If you wear you hair short making it too fussy can make you look older. Michelle kept it simple which is the best way to wear shorter hair and her side swept fringe really worked.

10.Penelope Cruz

Perfectly smooth, sexy, modern hair. She bounced back after having a baby and kept her look classically simple. This woman is so stunning that simple works amazingly well on her.


Owner of Toronto’s trend-setting Marc Anthony Salons and winner of numerous international awards, celebrity hairstylist Marc Anthony is the creator of the comprehensive Marc Anthony True Professional® line of premium stylers, shampoos and conditioners that can be found worldwide. Today, Marc Anthony and his roster of Celebrity Stylists have become the definitive Team to the Stars for television features, trends and celebrity hair styling. They can be seen
regularly at such prestigious events as the Oscars, Emmy’s, Grammy’s and Toronto’s International Film Festival; styling the manes of Royalty to A-list celebrities like the Duchess of York, Fergie, Tilda Swinton, Ellen Page, Freida Pinto, Harrison Ford, Eva Longoria, Kevin Spacey, Justin Bieber and Jeremy Renner to name a few.

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When your child is sick, it is difficult enough trying to get her to eat, drink and rest, let alone take medication that will help her to feel so much better.

ViralForté Throat Lollies are a clever, cool-tasting way to ease the pain of a sore or inflamed throat – and they will boost your little patient’s immune system too.
Packed with proven germ-fighting ingredients, the lollies are also highly beneficial for children who have difficulty swallowing medication. 

What’s in them?
ViralForté Throat Lollies contain a carefully-selected combination of anti-oxidants, minerals and herbs :
·        Echinacea
·        Elderberry
·        Vitamin C
·        Zinc
These powerful ingredients have been shown to possess healing and immune-boosting properties, as well as an ability to reduce the severity of colds and flu.
Dosage and directions for use
Children 2 – 4 years : one lolly daily
Children 5 – 10 years : two lollies daily
ViralForté Throat Lollies are available in a 12-pack carton from Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay pharmacies, Medi-Rite pharmacies, Clicks, all community pharmacies and online at
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PenPharm SA was founded in 2005 with a vision of becoming a leading pharmaceutical and complementary healthcare business.

We endeavour to provide our consumers with a range of affordable original and generic products, so all are able to enjoy the benefits of healthcare.

Our products are effective and customer-specific, and we are constantly exploring ways to improve our products or extend our ranges in order to meet the needs of the consumer, create added value and to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

We are committed to achievement in all areas of our business so that we may continue to provide the benefit and satisfaction our consumers receive from our range of products.

Are you dehydrated?


The Wonders of Water

Are you dehydrated?


The sub-title of Dr. Batmanghelidj’s  “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water “  expresses  an often forgotten but fundamental truth; simply put  “you’re not sick,  you’re thirsty”.


In captivity and in poor conditions at Evin prison in Teheran, the resident physician having nothing else to assist sick prisoners, found that the treatment with several glasses of water taken at prescribed regular intervals often relieved chronic symptoms.

Batmanghelidj subsequently found through research that water prevents and helps cure1 :



back pain




high blood pressure

adult-onset diabetes; and

lowers blood cholesterol



Thursday, February 17, 2011

Colour That Counts

Thanks to COLOR CHECK Technology, patients who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure & hypertension, can now monitor their health in the comfort of their own home with these innovative new products.
The Colour Check products are Simple, Accurate, Fast, Friendly and Easy to use
Color Check is a range of diagnostic products which move away from the traditional black and white reading to a world of colour.  This unique and patented feature of a colour screen display will help patients to read the results of their blood pressure monitor, thermometer, blood glucose monitor or scale instantly and easily. The outcome colour on the screen immediately represents the parameters of the numerical readings.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tired, dark under eye Circles, feeling bloated and suffering from sinuses?

Take the test to see if food intolerance is your problem
Do you feel bloated and suffer severe nausea when you drink a glass of milk? Does your stomach feel like a rock when you?ve eaten a delicious croissant?
Food Intolerance occurs when the digestive system is unable to produce the right quantity of enzymes/chemicals to digest a particular type of food. The reactions can be delayed up to 48 hours or more; or, effects can be cumulative. Although not life threatening, the effects can have a major impact on one?s health.

Allergies occur when and food is not properly digested and / or partially digested food comes into direct contact with the immune system; triggering it into action. 

These immune reactions may cause a wide variety of effects such as fatigue, eczema, weight gain, fluid retention, arthritis and conditions such as IBS, migraine headaches, Cohn?s Disease, rheumatoid arthritis, infantile colic, and childhood ear infections.

It is therefore a critical step to identify which foods are causing you intolerance. 

MD LASH FACTOR Cosmetic Product of the Year, 2011!

NEW YORK - February 8, 2011: MD LashFactor®  was awarded the prestigious Product of the Year award in the Cosmetics Category today at the annual Product of the Year Awards Show based on the votes of over 60,000 consumers. This revolutionary eyelash conditioner features a safe and effective formula shown to provide the appearance of dramatically fuller, thicker, and longer eyelashes. Additionally, this cutting edge product is physician formulated with a patent pending complex developed specifically to work at the cellular level to help eyelashes reach their fullest potential. 

Dr. Lin states 'I am thrilled that MD LashFactor® Eyelash Conditioner has been recognized with the Product of the Year award. My team has worked hard to create a results-oriented product with a proven track record of effectiveness, and we are honored to be able to display the Product of the Year award to our customers as recognition for these efforts.' 

MD Lash Factor has been shown to improve the appearance of lash length, thickness, and fullness - with eye-opening results in as little as one week for some patients. Unlike false eyelashes or messy mascaras that create only an illusion of longer lashes, MD Lash Factor works to enhance your eyelashes' natural beauty. Whether your lashes are thinning because of a nutritional imbalance, medical treatments, or harsh detergents, this proven formula can help restore your eyelashes to their full potential. MD Lash Factor is safe to use with your regular skin care products. Simply apply nightly like liquid eyeliner to condition and improve the appearance of your natural eyelashes. MD Lash Factor is ideal for people with thinning lashes, or for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their eyelashes naturally. It is also a safe and gentle way to restore fullness to thinning eyebrows. One unit would last the consumer 6-8 months. Features: Safe for contact lens wearers | Hypoallergenic | Gentle formulation for sensitive eyes | Ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested | Paraben free..

MD Lash Products range in price starting at R880.00
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Reporting Live from the Red Carpet, Celebrity Hair Stylist Marc Anthony
TORONTO, Feb. 13  - A night of glamour, music, dedications and divas at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. Celebrity Hair Stylist, Marc Anthony walked the Red Carpet to dish the Grammy ladies their top 10 grade on hair that's hot and hair that's not. 
Any style goes when it comes to the Grammy Red Carpet, from a kaleidoscope of colour to elegant French twists - Marc Anthony was there to see it all and report all things Grammy hair. "All of this year's Grammy stars have their own unique style that defines their image", says Celebrity Hair Stylist Marc Anthony, "but the Red Carpet is really a showcase and the stars who do it best tend to switch it up a bit while keeping their underlying image intact." 

Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Show Time Ladies

Woman generally spend a lot of money and time on their appearance. They spend on clothing, jewellery, hair, skin care & make-up. What about the actual tools required get the right effect? Using good beauty tools is a must and can make the difference between a fabulous look and a not so fabulous look. 

The right beauty tools make all the difference! 

Recently launched in by Sunpac, is UBU a fantastic trendsetting range of beauty tools and fashion accessories for all your needs.

Funky Compact Mirrors, Clothing Tapes, Cosmetic brushes, Tweezers, Nail Clippers, Water resistant Cosmetic Purse, Make-up sponges, Gel Eye Masks to name a few. 

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


The next big thing in nails is Cracked Nail Polish. No, not chipped and certainly
not un-kept, but artfully Cracked Nail Colours. We know all the beauty rules, but rules
were made to be broken – or cracked, if you will. Simply apply Tip Top NailChic
‘U Crack Me Up’ and watch it as it dries. When this Cracked Nail Polish dries, it
has a fractured effect to it that allows the undercoat to peek through. Tip Top
NailChic ‘U Crack Me Up’ nail polish looks like an ordinary polish. But when you
apply it over the top of any of your favourite nail varnish, it starts to visibly shrink on
your nail so you get a crackle effect. On top of white polish, you can create a
zebra-print style pattern; on top of yellow, you get leopard print – perfectly on-trend
for autumn/winter. Play around on top of darker colours and you can create a cool
Gothic effect. You can even layer it over glitters for a more creative touch. It’s so
different and unique that people will think you sat at the salon for hours to get that design!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Pure cotton percale bed linen ensures that you sleep in comfort in any season

The senses provide important clues as to what promotes a sleep-friendly environment in your bedroom. Many factors can influence your sleep. Your mattress, bed linen and even your room’s colour scheme all have an impact on how well your body rests. Natural tones are more restful on the eye and bedding should be practical and comfortable. Specialist bed linen manufacturers, Linen Drawer, know how important sleep is for your health. That’s why they create bed linen from 100% cotton percale, without synthetic additives. Cotton allows the skin to breath, creating a comfortable environment under the covers whatever the season.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Oral Care for Babies

For most people oral care simply means brushing the teeth. At  MAM, we believe oral care should begin even before the first tooth appears!

Here are a few tips from MAM's pediatric dental experts:

1) Clean your baby's gums after breastfeeding or bottlefeeding using a soft cloth, a cotton swab, or a cotton ball. This way you not only remove bacteria but you also gently massage the gums of your child. You can start doing this during the first month after delivery. MAM has developed the Oral Care Rabbit to meet this need. 
The MAM Oral Care Rabbit is a teething cloth that makes dental hygiene very easy. Simply slip your finger into one of the ears – this makes it easier to reach and clean each part of your baby´s mouth. The soft microfibers clean and gently massage the gums.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Zinc - Could it be the most important mineral?

Zinc, Boring?
Oh no! It could be the single most important mineral for life.

Especially for men. Men and women have just about the same amount of zinc in all tissues of their bodies, with one exception. The male prostate gland contains and uses more zinc than any other tissue – 4 to 80 times more, depending on what tissue it might be compared against.
The main transporter of zinc into prostate tissue is the amino acid arginine, nutrient also found concentrated in the prostate gland. Binding zinc to arginine helps direct it to the tissue that has the highest requirement for the mineral. Without adequate zinc, sperm production decreases, and the general health of the prostate falters. In addition: 

Winter Hair Woes – Dryness, Frizz and Static

Winter’s dry air definitely adds to the drama of hair stress, robbing hair of a healthy balance of moisture which in turn creates frizz, static and flyaways. Here are some tips from our Celebrity Stylist team to sail through winter with fabulously healthy hair.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

LCN - Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes are as popular as ever: Elegant and wild – no other look is as expressive as Smokey Eyes. They are fitting for a business dinner as well as for a glamorous party. Try varying the intensity and depth of your expression.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Physicians Formula's Mascara

Introducing Physicans Formula’s Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo – R160

Perfectly coordinated shades can be used alone or used together for multiple looks & customized lashes! Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist Approved. Fragrance Free. Paraben Free. Safe for Sensitive Eyes and Contact Lens Wearers.
Sweep black mascara onto lashes for a natural, radiant look. For a more playful look, apply eye enhancing shade onto lashes. For the most dramatic effect, first apply black shade to lashes and then layer eye enhancing shade on top. Apply multiple coats for added definition and drama.