Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Serious about your pedicure?

Ms. Manicure Tips and Toes - 9 Pro Tools for a Serious mani and Pedi, R179.99 (exclusive to Clicks)
Look like a pro did your nails with my Tips & Toes set. I've put together all the tools you need to give yourself the ultimate pro manicure or pedicure. This set includes a Toenail Clipper, Cuticle Trimmer, Cuticle Pusher, Washable Salon Board, Wood Cuticle Sticks, Pumice Stone, Nail Brush, and Toe Separators. And, they are all housed in a cute zippered carrying case!



1. Take off that old nail lacquer using one of my Wood Cuticle Sticks and cotton dipped in polish remover.

2. Wash hands in warm water and use my Nail Brush to gently clean under nails.

3. Gently push back cuticles with my Cuticle Pusher.

4. Trim excess ragged skin with my Cuticle Trimmer.

5. Shape and smooth nails with my Washable Salon Board.


1. Wash feet in warm water and rub my Pumice Stone over dry skin to exfoliate calluses.

2. Use my Toenail Clipper to clip and shape toenails straight to avoid ingrowns.

3. Then slip my Toe Separators in between toes to add extra space for easier polishing. Keep in place until the nail lacquer is dry to avoid smears and smudging.

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