Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY Reflexology

The Fountainhead Reflexology Mat, R135 is the perfect way to get quick, daily stimulation of your foot reflexes. Put the mat on the floor in your bathroom and make tiny steps backwards and forwards whilst brushing your teeth, or put on the floor in front of your television and make a few small movements on the mat whilst watching television.

By making little steps forwards and backwards or by rocking forwards and backwards on the Fountainhead Reflexology Mat, the soles of the feet and hence the foot reflexes are stimulated.

Stimulation of reflexes on the feet by using the Fountainhead Reflexology Mat may produce the benefits of reflexology such as:

Relaxation is the first step to normalisation. When the body is relaxed healing is possible.

Balances all body systems - an under-active system is stimulated into action and an overactive system calmed.

Revitalizes Energy – it opens up the energy pathways in the body which may be blocked causing physiological changes within the nerves and assists proper functioning of the endocrine and thus hormonal system.

Reduces stress, nerve tension and associated physiological changes such as high blood pressure, fatigue, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular problems, anorexia, palpitations, headaches, immuno deficiency and infectious diseases, gastro-intestinal problems, and headaches

Better Circulation assists with the providing of oxygen, flushing toxins, improving the elimination systems, improves the cardiovascular system and nutrient supply to cells. Normalises blood pressure

Crystal Feet Deposits These crystals are broken down and moved by circulation during treatment.

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