Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chi Detox Patches

The Fountainhead Chi Detox Patches, R160
Many people often overlook that a body overloaded with toxins can result in a number of symptoms. These include fatigue, poor concentration, headaches, poor memory, constipation, bloated stomach, poor digestion, gas, weight gain, excessive mucus, poor skin, depression, bad body odour and breath. Our bodies have difficulty in excreting an over-load of toxins circulating in the bloodstream, and thus they may accumulate into harmful substances and quantities that can interfere with our metabolism.


Anyone wanting to do a detoxification programme

People who become fatigued easilyPeople whose hands and feet are cold and

   become easily swollen

People who feel pain or soreness in shoulders, neck or back

People who feel a twinge in the knee-joints

People who feel heavy and burdensome

People who are engaged in physical labour

People who work standing up or who drive for a long time

People who take care of their health 

People who need help sleeping

Convalescence after childbirth, the old and feeble, housewives, students, office workers, etc.

What Chi Detox Patches Do:

Pulls toxins out through skin

Absorbs toxins

Alleviates aches and pains

Improves blood circulation

Blood Cleansing

Reduces swelling in body

Detox whilst sleeping

Improves quality of sleep

Visual Confirmation of Detox


USA FDA certification as medical device

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