Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Care, R1350

The first "ultra-energy generator", based on the principle of Cellular Energy Factors. A true antidote to skin fatigue and stress, B 21 Anti-Fatigue Recovery Care combats their fundamental causes. Its fresh-feeling, rich texture is brimming with iridescent microcapsules, precious "energy reservoirs" which free their active ingredients upon application and diffuse them deep within the epidermis. The skin is recharged with essential energy: it feels galvanized, revitalized and protected. Delivered from all fatigue, it recovers its softness, suppleness and well-being. Wrinkles and fine lines are attenuated; signs of fatigue gradually begin to fade; the complexion becomes transparent and harmonious, the skin more radiant than ever. Available at selected Edgars stores countrywide.

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