Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Inside Scoop

I scream, you scream , we all scream for ice cream!
Here’s the inside scoop for you – this little beauty  really cuts the ice!

 The Pylones Ice cream scoop is the perfect kitchen product for summer. Available in a variety of oh so cool designs.

 Price : R399.95

Available from Flagship Store at V& A Waterfront and online at

 Flagship store opening V & A Waterfront Cape Town 01 August 2014
Shop 6178 Lower Level, Victoria Wharf

For further information please contact Barry Berman: (021) 425 9344 / 083 5000 270 or /

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brita Fill & Go

BRITA® water filters - the smart alternative to bottled water. The Brita Fill & Go Bottles will ensure that you and your family enjoy great tasting filtered water no matter where you are.

New Fill & Go Filter Bottles – R250.00
The innovative BPAfree Fill&Go bottle was awarded a Red Dot Design Award in 2014. Now you never have to be without healthy, filtered water wherever you are, ensuring that you can meet your personal hydration goals easily.
The activated carbon filter, known as the BRITA Fill&Go Filter Disc, is integrated in the lid, out of sight.
Simply exchange the corresponding BRITA Fill&Go Filter Disc once a week and keeping on drinking.
Make sure you hydrate the BRITA Fill&Go Filter Disc prior to first use. This will make it much easier for you to drink through. For great taste and optimal quality use the water in your Fill&Go within one day.

 1 x 8 Fill&Go Filter discs R 150.00
Your weekly water supply: One BRITA Fill&Go Filter Disc gives you fresh, great tasting water for the whole week. BRITA filtration technology reliably reduces substances that impair taste and smell. 8 Brita Fill & Go Filter disc’s = 8 weeks of great tasting filtered water.`

BRITA  Fill & Go recives the 2014 “red dot design award”

The BRITA water filter bottle impresses and inspires designers from all over the world

Taunusstein, 7 April 2014. International design experts chose BRITA’s Fill&Go water filter bottle as winner of the renowned “red dot design award” for 2014 in the product category “Product Design”. BRITA, the globally successful expert on drinking water optimization, already accepted the international iF design award for this product in March 2014.

The BRITA Fill&Go water filter bottle was launched in late summer 2012 and is now available throughout Europe, as well as in Australia and South Africa. Its owners use it out on trips, e.g., in the car, on the train or the underground, as well as for outdoor and keep-fit activities. The BRITA Fill&Go can be refilled with fresh drinking water from the tap anywhere and at any time, improving the taste and smell of drinking water with its activated carbon filter. The water filter hidden in its lid, known as the Fill&Go filter disc, provides one week’s supply of fresh, pleasant-tasting water. The BPA-free bottle comes in four colours. It holds around 600 millilitres of water and fits into all standard bottle holders. The BRITA Fill&Go is made of long-lasting materials, can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher and used time and time again. Since little waste is produced, the bottle is considerably more ecologically meaningful than water from plastic bottles.

The red dot design award is one of the most renowned competitions on the international design scene. Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, the Design Centre of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, recognizes internationally outstanding design with its famous red dot. Manufacturers and designers of all kinds of different industrial products can compete for the award in 24 different categories – the BRITA Fill&Go belongs in the category “Sports & Leisure”. In 2014, a total of 4,815 entries were sent in by companies from 53 countries in the category “Product Design” alone. The seal of quality is awarded by a 40-member jury of high-profile specialists. The assessment criteria in 2014 were: degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics, durability, symbolic and emotional content, product periphery, self-explanatory quality, and ecological compatibility.

For BRITA, it is the fifth time since 2002 that one of the company’s products has received this seal of approval. Examples include, in 2009, the Navelia water filter pitcher model and, in 2010, BRITA Ionox Deutschland GmbH’s enviva water dispenser.

“We were, of course, convinced from the outset that in the BRITA Fill&Go we have a very beautifully designed product that stands out from the competition,” says Senior Product Manager Sven Schoevers regarding the good news. “Which is why we are so pleased that this has been officially confirmed to us twice in short succession.” The accolade is not only an honour for the designer, manufacturer and distributor of a product; it is primarily a sign of quality for the consumer and a strong sales argument in the shops. The awards event and the prize-giving ceremony will be held in Essen, Germany, in July 2014.

The BRITA Fill&Go was developed jointly with Ludwigsburg-based design agency pearl creative. pearl creative comes up with concepts and designs for products and product ranges for international brands and made a valuable contribution to the concept, functionality, and appearance of the water filter bottle.

Why BRITA filtered water?

Cleaner, clearer great tasting BRITA filtered water:
  • Gives full flavour and better tasting tea and coffee
  • Is ideal for cooking healthy food
  • Prolongs domestic appliance life by preventing limescale build up
  • Is economic and convenient
  • Is great tasting and fresh

The high quality of BRITA jugs is the result of more than 45 years of experience.  Our patented models were developed to meet a wide range of needs and requirements, but they all have one thing in common:  soft, premium quality, great tasting BRITA filtered water.
At BRITA recycling and waste avoidance play a very important role for us.  One BRITA Maxtra cartridge filters drinking water for up to four weeks – it is easy to carry home, easy to store and ensures low environmental impact.  Let’s make our world a little bit cleaner.

Customer Care number:  0861 BRITA 1 (0861 274 821)
Stockist details :

Brita Fill & Go Bottles are available at the following stores:

  • Pick n Pay Hyper, Super & Family stores
  • Dion Wired stores as well as their on line store
  • Dischem
  • online store

Friday, July 25, 2014

Genop Healthcare Announces the Launch Of Exuviance Age Reverse HydraFirm

Exuviance Age Reverse HydraFirm
To Lift, Firm and Intensely Hydrate Skin


This luxurious cream targets all visible signs of aging - poor texture, age spots, loss of firmness and wrinkles - and replenishes optimal hydration levels, providing undeniable comfort.

At skin's surface, hyaluronic acid acts as a moisture sponge and instantly quenches dryness. Prodew® infuses skin with the crucial amino acid building blocks of its own Natural Moisturizing Factor, restoring deep reservoirs of youthful plumping moisture.

Skin is strengthened, feels noticeably cushioned, less susceptible to dryness.

A triple firming complex of patented Bionic, NeoGlucosamine® and Matrixyl® Peptides boosts collagen's surrounding support matrix*, helping plump and fill skin so it appears lifted, firmer. Plus, potent antioxidants help prevent damage from daily environmental stressors.

Available now
Stockist details: Contact Genop on (011) 545 9300.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


    The Extra Ordinary Eye Gel

Extra Ordinary Eye Gel!

Available in a 10ml airless dispensing unit with integral spatula that effectively moisturises around the eyes, helping soothe any irritation, dry skin. It also helps to soften fine lines around the eyes.

It is a delicate moisturiser for the sensitive skin around eyes. It is fragrance free and is suitable for the most sensitive among us, and for those with dry skin.

The integral spatula ensures product is applied precisely, carefully formulated with just 6 ingredients, including very high quality hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring moisturising material found in us all.
The airless packaging ensures hygiene is maintained at all times.

Prime the pump by depressing a few times until a small droplet of product appears at the tip of the spatula. Using the spatula apply the droplet to the area around the eye,

Aqua, Glycerine, Sodium hyaluronate, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerine

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Available now for R450.00

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Treat UTI during Pregnancy with DMannose

When a strong frequent urge to 'go' is accompanied by burning and painful urination, you're probably suffering from UTI. A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a bacterial infection in the urinary tract.
Urinary tract infection is most common in women, especially if they are pregnant. Pregnant women have an increased risk for UTI’s between 6 and 24 weeks into the pregnancy.
Physical and hormone changes in the urinary track during pregnancy often create the ideal environment for bacteria to flourish, which make pregnant women more susceptible to infection.
As the uterus grows, its increased weight can block the drainage of urine from the bladder. This stagnant urine is likely to cause urinary tract infection.
The increase of progesterone also causes the muscles that line the urine-making urethras to relax, which can allow bacteria to rise up into the bladder more easily than when you're not pregnant.
If the UTI goes untreated, it may lead to a kidney infection, which can be potentially life-threatening for mother and baby. Kidney infections may cause premature labour and low birth weight.
Urinary tract infection symptoms include:
·         Feeling an urgent need to urinate or frequent urination
  • Having difficulty urinating

·         Having a burning sensation during urination
  • Cramps in the lower back or lower abdomen
  • Having a burning sensation during urination
  • Urine that looks cloudy or has an odour
Pregnant women might not experience any symptoms, and it is therefore recommended  that all pregnant women get checked for this 'asymptomatic’ infection.  

UTI’s during pregnancy can be safely treated with DMannose. DMannose is a glyconutrient, or a simple sugar that might cross the placenta to the unborn child, but will have no more effect than a spoonful of sugar, according to studies.
Conventional antibiotic treatments may clear up the infection, but they also kill the good bacteria in your body, which can be detrimental to your health over the long term. DMannose is a pleasant tasting soluble powder that works quickly to stop UTI in its tracks by flushing the E.coli bacteria from your system, thus ensuring that the infection won't recur.

  • Convenience Pack (10 x 2g DMannose sachets) - R125.00
  • Value Pack (60g Jar DMannose powder) - R270.00
Delivery costs: R30 - R70

Stockist: For a comprehensive list see the DMannose website under the “pharmacies” tab

Monday, July 7, 2014

Safety 1st Youmi Baby Carrier

The Safety 1st Youmi baby carrier makes travelling with baby easier than ever. The Youmi baby carrier allows mom or dad to have free hands while ensuring that baby is safe, secure and comfortable.

This Youmi baby carrier has two carrying positions, facing mum or dad or facing outwards. Your little one will love to be snuggled against you or encouraged to discover the world by facing forward.

The Safety 1st Youmi baby carrier is very so easy to put on, and ties firmly at the back ensuring your baby is very safe. The zipper on the seat enables quick and easy access to the baby. The wide adjustable straps make for comfortable baby carrying for Mom and Dad.

The Safety 1st Youmi baby carrier also features removable, washable bibs for your convenience.

The Safety First Youmi baby carrier can be used from birth to approximately 9 months of age. The padded adjustable headrest and crotch area ensures that baby is constantly supported and comfortable.

Price: R449.99

Stockist: Baby City and