Thursday, January 26, 2012

Essentials for Travel – Quick Tips for a Mane on the Go

Mother was right, yet again. First impressions do count. Unfortunately nothing looks sadder than an unprepared glamour girl after a long and tedious flight. This little tête-à-tête reveals how to exit a train, plane or automobile looking old school glamorous and how to revive your mane on-the-go.


Keep in mind that anything not meeting safety requirements will be confiscated when travelling. If you pack cautiously you can avoid the fashion police and arrive looking fabulous.

Hair Moisturizer: Airplane air is some of the driest around. Even drier than deserts. Even with an oily scalp, your scalp may shine but your ends will wilt. MOISTURE GLOSS DAILY DROPS is perfect for any hair type and small enough to meet air travel carry-on requirements.

Silk: Avoid pillows and seat fabric on the plane or train; they’re just plain creepy. Instead, bring a silk scarf to cover the pillow. Cotton and other porous fabrics will take the moisture and shine from your hair and cause tangles.
Hydration: Use skin moisturizer and drink lots of water to keep hydrated, inside and out.
Other must have carry-ons: To guarantee all-over travel glam, be sure to pack lip balm, hand sanitizer, makeup removal wipes and tissues.