Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Active Care for Dark Skin

AFRIDERM® - the exclusive and innovative dark skincare collection designed to reveal and enhance the perfect beauty of dark skin!

Dark skin tones need extra attention. This skin type is often sensitive to stress and climate (wind, cold, heat and sun), and the effects become all too obvious when dry skin develops that “ashy” appearance. Then there are the problems of dark spots, oily shine, blemishes and an uneven complexion, all of which are more noticeable on dark skin.

The super-protective and effective moisture-balancing care required by this skin type is not supplied by most ordinary skincare products. In fact, dark skin is often too sensitive for the ingredients in standard skincare formulations.

AFRIDERM® ACTIVE CARE: Specially formulated for darker skin
AFRIDERM has been specially formulated to protect and beautify all shades of dark skin. These moisturizing and nourishing skincare products help heal, protect and enhance the skin's naturally smooth texture and colouring.

AFRIDERM® harnesses the abundant gifts of nature, fortifying herbs and minerals with superior cutting-edge pharmaceutical technology to create outstanding solutions for your beautifully dark skin.

  • Essential moisture-balancing ingredients
  • Daytime protection against harmful UV rays
  • Nourishing and natural herbal oil complexes
  • Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals
  • Gentle cleansing action for a clear, smooth complexion
  • Daily use of the AFRIDERM® “DARK SKIN PERFECTION” COLLECTION provides exclusive and advanced skincare that helps to protect, heal and reveal to the world the hidden beauty of richly-pigmented skin!

Demand the AFRIDERM® Dark Skin Perfection Collection: a lifestyle concept for dark skin.

Available online at www.afriderm.co.za

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A FINO Soothe fan wins an Oscar!

International award-winning makeup artist and hair designer, Lesley Vanderwalt, together with her team,   just won an Emmy and an OSCAR AWARD 2016 for makeup and hair design on Mad Max: Fury Road -Directed by George Miller.

Lesley has worked on numerous block busters such as The Great Gatsby, Australia, Beyond Borders and Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones to name a few.

Below is a Testimonial that Lesley Vanderwalt sent to FINO Cosmetics during the shooting of Mad Max Fury Road...

    2016 – Oscar for Makeup/Hair - Mad Max: Fury Road

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Introducing Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe has the primary mission to create beautiful yet practical clothes and shoes for a babies’ first year. The range is in a simple and timeless style, beautifully made by skilled individuals with the utmost of care.
Their 100% cotton shoes are reversible, offering an opportunity to match the clothes with various outfits.
Most of their fabrics are of their own unique design, so they are able to produce both clothes and shoes in the same prints. This unique selling point allows Tic Tac Toe to offer matching clothes and shoes.
Tic Tac Toe have found that there is a large segment of this market that looks for clothes and shoes as a gift. Tic Tac Toe satisfies this requirement by producing matching clothes and shoes and presenting them in a beautiful custom gift pack.

In 2010, Karin Muller gave birth to her daughter. Smitten with her beautiful baby, she wanted to dress her girl in beautiful clothes. To her consternation the clothes available to her were either of low quality or high quality items imported from leading ‘design’ centres of Europe with prices to match!
In 2011 Tic Tac Toe was born, with the aim to produce beautiful high quality 100% cotton garments in a timeless sophisticated style, but at affordable prices.
Teli Proto, Karin’s husband, joined Tic Tac Toe in 2012 and with his experience in branding and design, the Tic Tac Toe brand identity started to take shape. The combination of their design skills and natural talent is the driving force of the brand.
Innovative designs, unique fabric prints, beautiful packaging, effective merchandising and simple web design has made Tic Tac Toe a leading baby brand in South Africa!

Stockist: www.tictactoekids.com