Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Head for heights?

Fearless of heights?

For those of you who want more volume and higher hair, Marc Anthony Instantly Thick™ Volumizing Foam, R89.99 is the key.

 Its lightweight formula creates soft, voluminous hair with a bit more hold and a lot more height.

 It quickly transforms fine, thin hair into thicker, fuller styles that will last the day. Flax Seed Extract helps to strengthen fine limp hair.

 Its lightweight Phytokeratin-rich formula guarantees superior fullness and body.

Pro Styling Tips

Apply evenly to damp hair and allow to dry naturally or blow dry.

 If you have a bit of a wave to your hair, you can keep those waves while giving them some added lift. Shake and apply foam to the palm of your hands and lightly rub together.

 Work the foam evenly through damp hair from roots to ends and lightly scrunch to pump up your waves. Gently blow-dry.

Available at selected Pick 'n Pay and Checkers stores 

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