Friday, July 1, 2011

Bush Baby for your babies

Bush Baby is bringing the secrets and traditions of African motherhood to parents across the world! Using natural remedies to safely protect and nurture their children, African mothers have known these gentle care recipes for generations! Now you can share in the secret, and protect your baby with the loving care of Africa!  Bush Baby offers a unique African blend of plant extracts combined in a world class formula to assist in the well being and skin care of babies. The offering is as natural as possible in the endeavour to capture the age old remedies that Africa's plants can offer its children.

The range includes:

        Hair & Body Wash 300ml - R79.00

        Body Lotion 300ml - R79.00

        Diaper Cream 75ml - R66.00

        Massage Oil - 100ml - R83.00

        Baby Powder (Talc Free) 100ml - R64.00

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