Thursday, June 30, 2011

Innovative replenishing face mask

Acquizhen Repbalancing Mask, R550
A fantastic product used for our Acquizhen treatment.

• Mask with instant effects

• Refreshes, nourishes and smoothes the skin

• The skin is moisturized intensively and skin feels smooth

• Unique wellness experience

Treatment Tip: If the Rebalancing Mask liquid bottle is placed in a fridge it is fantastic for treatments made on Summer days.

REBALANCING MASK is a refreshing, moisturizing, nourishing and skin smoothing fleece mask that improves the appearance of stressed and tired skin. The innovative active ingredient complex of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa), Papaya (Carica papaya) and Kigelia (Kigelia africana) play a significant role in the effectiveness of this mask allowing it to firm the skin. Resveratrol extract from the young leaves of Grapes (Vitis vinifera) and White Tea (Camellia sinensis) protects your skin by neutralising free radicals and prevent premature skin aging. Place an Item Tab in the highly concentrated Rebalancing Mask liquid and allow it to swell. Gently place the soaken fleece on the face and press down delicately with fingertips. The fleece mask adapts perfectly to the contours of the face and ensures the skin receives moisture and energy from the effective natural ingredients of the REBALANCING MASK liquid. Leaves the skin with a fresh and healthy appearance.

Innovative active ingredient complexes:

Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) vitalizes the skin and protects the extra-cellular matrix against the main causes of skin aging.

Kigelia (Kigelia africana) extract works as an anti-inflammatory soothing your skin and contains flavanoids and phytosterol saponin that firm skin

Papaya (Carica papaya) extract is rich in papain which removes dead skin cells and softens your skin

White Tea (Camellia sinensis) extract is an effective anti-oxidant which protects your skin by neutralising free radicals

Resveratrol extract from the young leaves of Grape (Vitis vinifera) neutralises celldamaging free radicals and prevents premature skin aging

Shake REBALANCING MASK liquid before use. Allow one REBALANCING MASK Item tab to swell up in 10 - 12 ml of REBALANCING MASK liquid. Gently place the soaken fleece on the skin and press down delicately with fingertips. Leave on for approximately 10 min.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Missing the sun?

Lift your spirits, and your tan with Xen Tan's Transform, R169.
This lightweight lotion looks, smells and feels like a delicious body lotion but is an amazing breakthrough in gradual tanning. It will give you a beautiful sunless tan (even from the first application) when applied daily. The gradual tanning allows you to adjust the colour by applying more or less frequently. With Gingko Biloba, Shea butter and Green Tea. Fresh citrus-melon scent for men and women.
Paraben-free. For face and body.

Get your glow back

Lamelle Luminesce Evening Glow, R647

What does this product do?

Evening Glow is mastery of luminescent skin.

What are the features and benefits of this product?

Perfectly blending natural extracts with world leading biotechnology ensures the most comprehensive Brightening formulation to date. Including the water binding molecules of
hyaluronic acid, Soybean and Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter) with Pisum Sativum (Pea) extract for anti-oxidation.

When should I use this product?

Use as part of the
Luminesce skin brightening program to cleanse and improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation in the skin.

Available from dermatoligists, aesthetic doctore and selected salons. For your nearest stockist, call 011.465.5365

Soothe nappy rash

Creche Guard Baby Probiotic Nappy Rash Bum Spray, R190
Nappy rash is distressing for mommy and baby. When there is a skin imbalance such as;

• nappy rash,

• excessive dryness,

• or candidiasis (thrush),

Crèche Guard Probiotic Nappy Rash Spray assists to restore and maintain the skins microflora.

Apply Crèche Guard Probiotic Nappy Rash Spray without rubbing the affected area. Easy to spray on wriggly children.

Spray once morning and evening to help prevent nappy rash. During a nappy rash use one spray with every nappy change.

Available at leading pharmacies nationwide.

Breathe easy

Karvol Decongestant Chest Rub aids in relieving nasal congestion, symptoms of colds and flu and symptomatic relief from prophylaxis of bronchitis.

The ointment contains a combination of aromatic oils. When released, vapours actively work to help you breathe more easily, day or night.

Availabe at Clicks, Shoprite, Pick 'n Pay, Spar and Dis-Chem stores

Refreshing hand and body wash

Body Botanix Moisturising Hand and Body Wash in Ginger & Lime, R120
A gentle hand and body wash ideal for sensitive and dry skin. Formulated with Shea butter, Aloe vera, a further 5 soothing and healing botanical extracts and invigorating Ginger and Lime, this foaming moisturising this hand and body wash will gently clean and leave the skin feeling nourished, moisturised and toned.

Facial massage

The Bellabaci facial cups, R390 provide optimal stimulation for the skin and underlying tissues (dermis and subcutaneous tissue). This gives you a relaxing, deep, comfortable massage while increasing circulation and exfoliation of the skin. Facial massages are great way to remove the days stress from your face and it can help restore that healthy youthful glow of skin.  The Bellabaci facial cups should be incorporated into your daily  facial cleansing ritual.


  Pore cleanser ; Tones skin and removes excess oil and dirt by penetrating deep below the skin's surface

  Nourishing blood supply to the skin and increase its suppleness

  Strengthen renewing power & its resistance to harmful conditions

  Helps firm flab

  Improves and soften scar tissue

  Smooths stretch marks and clears broken capillaries

  Improves skin tone and texture by gently stretching the fibroblast cells, stimulates them to produce better quality and quantity of natural collagen and elastin

  Enhance product absorption

  Expels toxin to be removed by the lymphatic system

  Refines the pores

  Improves micro-circulation

  Lift drooping muscles

  Smooths wrinkles and fine lines

  Drain eye bags and double jaw

  Loosening of adhesions

  Strengthening the vascular integrity of the face

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Travelling light

SoyLites Soy Bean Oil Moisturising Travel Candles, from R55 each

SoyLitesTM100% Pure Soy Oil MOISTURISING travel candles.

What is a therapeutic moisturizing candle?
Our 100% pure soy oil candles melt at only 2 degrees above body temperature. When our candles burn the oil
wax melts to form a pool of oil, which is warm to the touch, making it possible to dip your finger into the soy oil
pool without burning yourself. The oil has a smooth, creamy texture and is rich in nourishing vitamin E
and lecithin.

SoyLitesTM candles are ideal for:

use as a general hand, face and body moisturizer, cracked heels and cuticles,

scars, minor cuts and abrasions and other skin ailments.

Our candles have also proven to be wonderfully effective as an aid in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema.

The candles are available in 7 scents:
Cinnamon Citrus:  Grapefruit, naartjie, cinnamon, clove, pimento
Harmony:  Rose, geranium, jasmine
Peaceful Summer:  Citronella, lemongrass, lavender (insect repellent)
Rejuvenation:  Lemongrass, lavender, lime
Tranquility: Pine, cedarwood
Organic Citronella:  Insect repellent
Organic Lavender

Be illuminated

Physicians Formula Talc-Free Mineral Wear Illuminating Veil in Nude Glow, R175

The first easy to use, mess-free, mineral-based, talc-free illuminating veil.

Ultra-lightweight powder for the ultimate finishing touch to your makeup!

Bathes skin in minerals, smoothing out its appearance with a soft focus finish.

Can be worn alone or over other Mineral Wear™ face products to gently absorb shine, minimize the appearance of pores and enhance staying power of makeup.

May be worn alone for the most natural look or over makeup to set and perfect.

Invert jar and gently tap to allow powder to begin flowing through brush.

Remove cap and lightly brush on powder over face and neck to mattify skin for a smooth, even finish.

Availabe at selected Dis-Chem stores

Complexion perfection

Priori Perfection Facial Gel, R524

A beige, light-gelled lotion, viscous with a faint odour of citrus. Specifically designed for female mature ageing skin with recurring acne.

Contains the exclusive LCA Complex, a special combination of antioxidants and Lactic Acid to provide superior anti-ageing skin benefits


Exfoliation moisurisation anti-aging

Problem problem prone skin

Collagen booster

People to Target:

Mature problem prone skin

Helps minimize breakouts and pore clogging

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Suitable for all skin types

Call A&I Importers on 011.486.4904 for your nearest stockist

Miracle in a bottle?


Supercharged with the Power of Exotic Red Superfruits, Super CITRIMAX® & Synergistic Botanicals

For years, stars have gone on juice fasts to shed kilograms quickly and easily. Luscious exotic berry Malibu Miracle, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program, delivers the amazing benefits of celebrity juice fasts – for noticeably quick results you can see and feel! Malibu Miracle’s highly effective concentrated blend of succulent exotic fruits – including Noni, Goji, Açai, Mangosteen and Pomegranate – provides the wholesome nutrition that supports full-body cleansing and an exhilarating state of well-being, packed with antioxidants.

Each sip of irresistibly delicious Malibu Miracle is supercharged with outstanding metabolism-supporting botanicals, including Super Citrimax®, L-Carnitine, Red Wine, Green Tea, Grape Seed Extract and prebiotic fructooligosaccharides (FOS). Malibu Miracle takes its groundbreaking juice fasting formula one step further with oxygen-enhanced Revitalized™ water, which recreates the vitality-enhancing, rehydrating, energizing properties of oxygen-rich spring water, the way nature intended. As a result, Malibu Miracle delivers superior hydration, cellular health and overall well-being.

Malibu Miracle should be used as part of a comprehensive diet and exercise program. When it comes to weight management, there is no such thing as miracles. Only your hard work and determination, along with a healthy diet and exercise program, can produce the results you desire. Add the superior advantage with  Malibu Miracle and achieve the proven results.