Friday, July 8, 2011

Boost your immune system

Immunace, R100 has been developed by Vitabiotics’ nutritionists and leading scientists in antioxidant research with a proven, advanced formula of antioxidants, micronutrients and botanical extracts to help maintain a strong and healthy immune system.

Research shows that sometimes our diets are unbalanced and some of us may not always be getting the nutrients required to maintain a strong and efficient immune system. Immunace is a synergistic dietary supplement of 24 nutrients for the immune system, to help maintain every day healthy immune resistance and optimal cell defence.

Immunace® helps safeguard nutrients required for:

  The short term - to help maintain your immune resistance. It also helps replace the vitamin C lost during colds.

  The long term - to increase the body's level of protective substances for long term cell protection.

Immunace® provides a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals, taking the place of a regular multivitamin / mineral supplement. These include nutrients for all-round wellbeing, as well as vitamin B complex for the maintenance of the central nervous system, which helps to maintain immune response.

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