Thursday, July 7, 2011

On-the-go hand and nail care kit

MS. Manicure Clip, Snip & Away, R99.99
Need manicure essentials while out and about? Then Ms Manicure’s Clip, Snip & Away Hand and Nail Set is a must-have. It’s filled with everything you need for a quick, natural manicure.

For a quick, natural manicure Ms Manicure’s Clip, Snip & Away Hand and Nail Set includes:
Nail clipper
Mini 6 way nail buffer
Wood cuticle sticks
Hand creme.

Nail Tip: Successful buffing will make your nails look shiny and polished!

How to use:

Use the Wood Cuticle Sticks to nudge cuticles back where they belong.

Resize tips or bring chips back in line with the Nail Clipper.

File Away, Shape Up, Tidy Those Tips, Smooth It Down, Buff to Beautiful and Polish Me Perfect with the Mini 6 Way Nail Buffer.

Finally, use the Hand Crème to keep hands moisturised while on-the-go.

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