Friday, November 28, 2014

Introducing HASK...

HASK® is a collection of hair care products featuring exotic oils from around the world. Utilizing high quality ingredients, luxurious fragrances and fresh packaging, the HASK Exotic Oil line provides consumers with high-performance, salon quality results at an affordable price. The range includes shampoos, conditioners, shine oils and deep conditioners based on the key ingredients of Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil, Monoi Oil and Keratin Protein. HASK Shampoos and Conditioners are free of sulfates, parabens, drying alcohols, phthalates, gluten and artificial colors. Initially introduced in Europe in 2012 with great success, distribution of the HASK Exotic Oil line has expanded worldwide over the past two years to Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

The Exotic Oil line continues HASK’S long heritage of developing innovative, quality products at an affordable price. HASK Toiletries, Inc. was founded in 1946 when it introduced a hair tonic that successfully treated dandruff and gained popularity in men’s barbershops in New York City. Over the next several decades, HASK expanded distribution to barbershops across the United States, while also developing a range of hair treatment and styling products for women sold in pharmacies and beauty stores. In 1986, Hask Toiletries, Inc. was acquired by Alleghany Pharmacal Corporation. Distribution of HASK’s products subsequently expanded to include national retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Sally Beauty, as well as opening up markets in Canada, Europe, South America and Africa.

In early 2012, Alleghany was renamed Inspired Beauty Brands, Inc. continuing as an innovative developer and marketer of personal care products with a long standing reputation for producing high quality products at affordable prices. In addition to HASK®, Inspired Beauty owns, Jhirmack®, Pure Shine®, Natural Essentials®, Lustrasilk®, Vigorol® and FDS®.

For over 50 years, the HASK brand has delivered unique, intensive conditioning treatments to restore and repair damaged or chemically treated hair. Salon-inspired ingredients blended with high quality formulas provide targeted solutions to specific hair care needs.

Now available in South Africa, exclusively at selected Clicks stores

Monday, November 24, 2014

MARC ANTHONY launches the Exotic Oil Body Range in South Africa!

Oil of Morocco

Morocco – what better place to look for beauty secrets than a land filled with beauty and exotic vistas? The essence of Morocco comes to life in Marc Anthony’s Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Body Care collection. Known for its revitalizing and skin conditioning properties, this Exotic Oil helps you to achieve that healthy, radiant looking skin you desire. Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Vitamin E nourish, hydrate and protect. Marc Anthony imparts all of these benefits in a daily Exotic Body Care regimen.

Revitalizing - Conditioning - 24Hr Moisture

  • Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Sulfate Free Body Wash – R134.95 (500ml)
  • Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Ultra Nourishing Body Butter – R144.95 (200ml)
  • Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Dry Body Oil – R144.95 (120ml)
  • Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Extra Hydrating Hand Cream – R89.95 (100ml)

Healing Macadamia Oil

Take a few moments of restoration for your mind, soul and thanks to Marc Anthony, for your body. Renew your skin and return it to healthy softness with the Healing Macadamia Oil Body Care collection. Macadamia Oil: known for its healing and anti-aging properties, this lightweight yet powerful Exotic Oil helps you to achieve that youthful looking, supple skin you desire. Blended with Hibiscus, Green Tea and Vitamin E, it calms and corrects stressed, dry, damaged skin. Marc Anthony imparts all of these benefits in a daily Exotic Body Care regimen

Healing - Rejuvenating - Extra Nourishing

  • Healing Macadamia Oil Sulfate Free Body Wash – R134.95 (500ml)
  • Healing Macadamia Oil Deep Moisture Body Butter – R144.95 (200ml)
  • Healing Macadamia Oil Dry Body Oil – R144.95 (120ml)
  • Healing Macadamia Oil Intensive Repair Hand Cream – R89.95 (100ml)

Available at selected Dis-Chem stores

Friday, November 21, 2014

Sexy Summer from Physicians Formula

 Sexy Booster Va Va Voom Volume Mascara – R169.00
Va Va Voom Lashes
Make heads turn with voluptuous volume, luscious length and gorgeous curves for sultry and seductive lashes that are impossible to resist.

Sexy Boosting Blend
Infused with a sensuous blend of warm vanilla fragrance and pheromone-boosters for lashes that are instantly lust-worthy.

High-Performance Formula
Extra-long, 24-hour wear keeps lashes   pin-up perfect all day and night.

Va Va Voom Volume Brush
Volume boosting brush provides curvaceous and alluring lashes that are dramatically fuller, longer and more defined.

Sexy Booster Ooh La La Sexy Eyes Kit – R199.00

Perfect Threesome for Sexy Eyes
Complete eye kit includes three unique eyeliners to create the ultimate sexy eye.
            Felt-Tip Marker Bold, cat eye definition on the upper lid
            Eyeliner Pencil Define the lower lash line
            Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Dramatic, inner rim definition
Use each eyeliner individually or create the perfect sultry, sexy eye by using all three.

Sexy Boosting Blend
Infused with a sensuous blend of warm vanilla fragrance & pheromone-boosters for eyes that are impossible to resist.

High-Performance Wear
Extra-long wear for sexy eyes that won’t budge all day & night, up to 24 hours.

Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Glossy Stain – R145.00 each

Now available in Hot Pink!

Create an Irresistible Intense Colour + High Shine!
The innovative gloss + stain hybrid formula delivers richly pigmented colour in an intensely glossy finish for full, voluptuous, SEXY lips!

Lasts up to 12 hours.

Sexy Boosting Blend
Infused with a warm vanilla fragrance, "afterglow" illumination and a Sexy-Boosting Formula including clinically tested Androstenol, Cocoa Extract (aka "The Love Chemical") and ancient aphrodisiac Horny Goatweed to enhance your sexy side!

Available exclusively at selected Dis-Chem stores from November 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Limited Edition Prodigieux Parfum from NUXE

Limited Edition
Prodigieux Parfum

The fragrance born from the famous Huile Prodigieuse®

Prodigious from the Oil… to the Perfume

It had been a long time coming...
Fans, addicts and enthusiasts, including Aliza Jabès, had been dreaming of it, professing their desire for a "Huile Prodigieuse®" Perfume...

NUXE is making their dreams come true - the dream of being able to wear Huile Prodigieuse® as a Perfume, to finally spray it, love it, adopt it and feel it against their skin…

What a prodigious year when the mythical fragrance of the Oil has finally been captured in an Eau de Parfum giving rise to Prodigieux® le parfum !

This Perfume has fantastic powers. The power to awaken femininity, the power to stimulate the senses, the power to take sensuality to a higher level....and the power to effortlessly cast a spell on men...

  • It is totally a summery Perfume with citrusy head notes of BERGAMOT and MANDARIN and flowery, sparkly head notes of ORANGE BLOSSOM.

  • It has velvety heart notes of a budding bouquet of ROSES, GARDENIAS and MAGNOLIAS.

  • But this modesty does not last. It gives way to mineral base notes, evoking close, sultry dance moves somewhere between VANILLA and COCONUT MILK.

Available at selected Truworths stores for R595.00 from mid-November until the end of the year

Friday, November 14, 2014

SpaRitual’s 2014 Summer Collection

Let yourself succumb to the shimmering energy of a summer day at the beach with SpaRitual’s 2014 summer collection Drift. The smell of ocean air, the spray of salt water in your hair and the warm glow of summer on your face soothes the soul. White-capped waves and sandy, barefoot toes take you to a place of weightlessness and exuberance.

Drift features colours found in the frosted, semi-translucent pale greens and blues of sea glass. Multi-dimensional when layered, they catch the light just like in the shallow waters of the ocean. Additional colours mimic the sun-bleached hues of shells, coral, sand and the treasures found in the fleeting mirror of tide pools.

“The Drift Collection is a reflection of the effortless, ethereal essence of those golden summer months, “said SpaRitual founder Shel Pink.

The Drift Nail Lacquer Collection features iridescent, vibrant tones and sun-kissed summer hues. This season’s colours include Buoyant, a peach crème, Barefoot, a sand shimmer, Blue Lagoon, an ocean blue crème, Sea Glass, a green shimmer, On the Dunes, a pale gold shimmer and Low Tide, a turquoise crème.

The summer 2014 Drift collection and will be available October/November 2014.
Drift lacquers will retail for R124.00 each.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

BADGER MAN CARE - Perfect for Movember!

Available Online:, Wellness Warehouse & select Dis-Chem and Health Shops /

Badger After Shave Face Tonic – R350.00
 Cool, tone, and invigorate! “The mission will be arduous,” the Group Commander said tersely. “Bring only that which is essential. We leave at sunrise.” The sky was beginning to lighten, expanding bands of red and orange searing the horizon. You put the finishing touches on your morning shave. Close. Smooth. Unafraid. And now, you finish with a bracing splash of After Shave Face Tonic to sharpen the senses and finish the job. The Commander’s final words echo in your mind. “We are depending on you. Because you are the Navigator.” This refreshing post shave tonic is a light Witch Hazel based bracer with a cooling hit of Menthol to invigorate, refresh, and tighten skin. Aloe hydrates and moisturizes while Bergamot uplifts your spirits. Great for all skin types.

Badger Beard Oil - R200.00

Your beard bristles in the wind. Hours of sun, gale and storm are written in your eyes. But, you know what? You pull out your flask of Badger Beard Oil and rub it in to tame your magnificent mane. And then, looking great, you carry on. Undaunted. Because you are The Navigator. This simple blend of refreshing, nourishing botanicals softens, moisturizes, protects and conditions your beard—without fail. Babassu and Jojoba Oils keep it light and absorbent and Pomegranate CO2 provides powerful antioxidants. Just a little is all you need!

Badger Hair Pomade – R200.00

Your search for a nourishing, all-natural hair pomade ends here. Soothing Babassu Oil penetrates quickly with no greasy after feel. Coconut Oil gives a high shine and medium, versatile hold. Together these super emollient oils help hydrate and fortify hair over time. No parabens, synthetics, GMOs, chemical or any other harsh ingredients.

Badger Mustache Wax – R130.00

Never underestimate a Badger! Easy to restyle and wash out, this Mustache Wax features extra hard Carnauba Wax for medium hold and a high glossy shine; Western Shea Butter for adhesion; and Beeswax for pliability. No parabens, GMOs or other harsh chemicals, only nourishing herbal extracts and essential oils.

Badger Pre-Shave Oil – R230.00

For the smoothest shave you ever had! You are piloting your crafty biplane through the icy blue breeze above the fjord. As the wind ripples your scarf and the sun rises in a symphony of color, you apply your trusty Badger Pre-Shave Oil, inhaling the beauty and the aroma. And then, you shave, steady and calm. Because you are The Navigator. Seabuckthorn and Rosehip extracts blended with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Baobab Oil provides a super thin layer of lubrication to enhance glide and prevent razor burn, while Black Pepper Oil gently warms skin and plumps hairs for a close and comfortable shave every time. Apply to face directly before lathering up with Badger Shave Soap. Badger Bill swears by this stuff!

Stockists: Wellness Warehouse and Health Shops. Available online at

Facebook: Natures Colours SA

Monday, November 10, 2014


Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio – Universal Looks Collection – R199.00

Create the HOTTEST LOOKS for any eye color!
The perfect set of three mechanical pencil eyeliners to define, illuminate and enhance your eyes.

Nude: Natural Nude Eyeliner Trio! The perfect set of three eyeliners to create a Nude look for ANY eye colour!
Smokey: Sultry Smoky Eyeliner Trio! The perfect set of three eyeliners to create a Smoky look for ANY eye colour!
All shades contain a hint of shimmer to create the glamorous look you desire.

Each look contains the ultimate universal shade, Black, plus two illuminating shades to create the perfect look.

Glamorous Definition & Long-Lasting Color
High-performance, long-wearing, water-resistant and smudge-proof color won’t budge.
Features built-in sharpener.

Custom Eye Enhancing Liquid Metal Eyeliner Trio – Universal Looks Collection – R199.00

Create the perfect chic & sultry look
Smoky Look with three highly pearlescent ultra-fine liquid metal eyeliners.
Nude Look with three highly pearlescent ultra-fine liquid metal eyeliners.

Dress up your eyes for ultra-glamorous eye-catching definition.
Long-wearing, water-resistant and smudge-resistant colour lasts up to 14 hours.
Add to lashes for extra glamour!

Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio – Nude Collection – R199.00

Instant Drama! Inner Rim Eyeliner Ultra Dramatic Definition
Highly pigmented inner rim eyeliner trio delivers rich colour and instant drama.

Versatile eyeliner for eye enhancing definition and inner eye rim intensity.
Super- smooth gliding texture makes defining eyes effortless.

3x Custom Shades = 3 Nude Looks. 100% Waterproof Wear

Custom All-in-1 Nude Palette for Face & Eyes – R209.00

All-in-1 Nude!
Must-have nude essentials kit for face and eyes in ONE easy-to-use, complete palette with 12 shades of nude.
Multi-functional palette features perfectly coordinated nude shades that can be blended together.

Bronzer + Blush + Highlighter + 12 Eye Shadows + 3 Eyeliners

Available in: Warm Nude and Natural Nude

Rich & High-Performance Formula
Creamy, pearlescent formula in an assortment of chic nude shades makes skin look flawless, glowing, and radiant.

How to “Look Good Nude”
Nude Glam Guide” included with step-by-step instructions on how to get the complete nude look.
Includes 2 custom applicators for all over-face or targeted eye shadow/ eye liner application.

Available exclusively at selected Dis-Chem stores from November 2014

Thursday, November 6, 2014

MIRA Konjac Beauty Sponges

MIRA 100% natural fibre Konjac Beauty Sponges are deliciously gentle, soft as silk and packed with antioxidants, helps clear blackheads, blemishes and acne, gently cleansing pores and leaving a healthy, glowing and clear complexion.
MIRA Konjac Beauty Sponges are rich in moisturizing health-giving minerals that nourish skin with a soft skin sensitive exfoliating action that clears away dead cells and excess oils and grime.
MIRA Konjac Beauty Sponges are lovingly made from the finest selected natural materials. MIRA has selected the Japanese Konjac plant to create a new skin cleansing “must have” that is ultra-soft, hydrating and 100% natural. MIRA is the premium brand for pure Konjac beauty products.

There are  Mira Konjac Beauty Sponges for all skin types ( Normal/ Sensitive Skin, Oily Skin and Damaged Skin): Price R99.00

Available online from, Bid or Buy, and

How to Use : 
Soak MIRA beauty sponge in water until soft.
Press between hands several times to expel excess water.
Massage gently in circular motions on face or body.
Rinse and press till dry
Store and hang in a cool and well ventilated space to air dry

For best results replace sponge every 2 to 3 months.
Your Mira Beauty Sponge is a great fertilizer for plants and shrubs.
Add your favorite foam cleanser when using.

MIRA Konjac Beauty Sponges features include:
* No preservatives
* No Colouring
* No Additives
* Suitable for all skin types
* Promotes blood circulation
* Effective anti-aging dynamics
* Exceptional for Atopic skin (Hyper-sensitive skin)
* Eliminates dirt, excess oil, bacteria, blackheads and blocked pores
* Moisture rich and naturally alkaline
* Non-abrasive
* Naturally deep cleanses
* Naturally moisturizes skin
* Soft and gentle to use
* Effectively balances PH of skin
* 100% Biodegradable
* Removes make-up easily
* Eliminates acne causing bacteria