Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ageless range

We take all aspects of health and aging seriously - and that includes physical well-being, skin care, grooming and mental health - and believe that the magic of herbs and herbal compounds can contribute greatly to the entire spectrum.

     All our products are based on herbs, botanical extracts and other natural herbal ingredients. Our range:

Contains no animal products

Contains no parabens

Contains no mineral oil or lanolin

We follow a "fair trade" policy

Our products are not tested on animals (we use human volunteers)

     The entire range is kept as pure and natural as possible, and we use only natural-based preservatives where possible.

     We must be doing something right. Clients have been buying from us since we started in 1998, and they are still loyal clients.

     We add no colorants to our products and wherever a fragrance is used, it is created by using natural botanic and essential extracts


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