Monday, July 4, 2011

Natural hair care

EarthSap Lavender and Suger Beet shampoo and conditioner, R40 each
The Earthsap shampoo is based on pure simple ingredients including Coconut, Palm, Lavender, Sugar Beet and other natural oils. The luxurious lather from coconut oils create a gentle yet effective cleansing complex. Sugar Beet and Soy Protein have been added to strengthen and repair damage. Lavender, Rosemary and Wheatgerm leave the hair supple and healthy. This gentle yet effective shampoo will not leave toxic residue on your scalp.

The Earthsap conditioner is based on pure simple ingredients including coconut, palm, lavender, sugar beet and other natural oils. Essential oils of lavender and sugar beet extract combine with penetrating Marula oil to replenish, soften and improve manageability. This is a perfect compliment to the Earthsap shampoo. The conditioner, like the shampoo, will not leave toxic residues on your scalp.

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