Thursday, May 19, 2011

What is clean to Skn Nutrition?

Chemical build-up in the body and cellular toxicity are commonplace in the skin care industry with companies giving little thought to the effect chemicals have on our skin and in our bodies and putting profits before safety and ethics.
This is a focal point of Skin Nutrition as we are absolutely committed to the development of skin care products that deliver maximum efficacy and results, while ensuring every ingredient used is recognizable and utilizable by our bodies and that none of them are potentially harmful.

How do we do this? We start with leading-edge, technologically advanced ingredients, many of which are proprietary, and ensure every molecule in every ingredient we use is bioactive and compatible with our bodies natural biological processes, as this improves efficacy, functionality, and safety. One of the most unique and important things to us is that every ingredient used must be biocompatible, meaning our bodies recognize the molecular structure of the ingredients and can easily assimilate them. The simple reality is if an ingredient is unrecognizable by our bodies it is potentially an irritant and can be harmful, creating inflammation, chemical build-up, and cellular toxicity.

The body naturally has biological processes like collagen-synthesis, elastin-synthesis, and keratin-synthesis as well as many others, and these processes are slowed by pre-mature aging. By providing the body with the right bioactive and molecularly recognizable ingredients, we are able to stimulate and activate these processes that are slowed and bring the body back to produce new youthful fibroblasts and cells.

Skin Nutrition optimize the above process as well with our proprietary and unique delivery technology that delivers their ingredients in nanospheres, which ensures no dilution of the ingredients (so no wastage) and delivery to the areas where they are going to be most effective.

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