Thursday, May 19, 2011

Design Duo for Progressing Independence

Life is easier when babies drink from a proper cup. The MAM Trainer and Learn to Drink Cups help baby get there in style.  
With design and function MAM supports a high quality of life. The MAM Trainer & Learn to Drink cups, are further examples of this. The two finely differentiated cups perfectly accompany baby through the transition from baby-like suckling to drinking like an adult. The cups make the way to independence fun and easy.
The MAM designs are based on a unique two-phase-learning concept.
The learning phase begins with the 220ml Trainer cup from around about baby’s 5th month. The Trainer’s spout is especially soft. For babies used to breast- or bottle feeding soft feels good and is therefore more easily accepted.
The 2nd Phase is to move over to the 270ml Learn To Drink cup which has a solid spout which is ideal for the transition from cup to glass (from around about the 8th month).

Both MAM Trainer Cups & Learn to Drink Cups are especially formed and made from a non-slippery material, so that small baby hands can hold them easily and securely. Another great feature is the flexible handles that are gentle and kind to your baby’s tiny hands and sensitive mouth.
Due to the patented MAM valve there are no spillages and the cups are easy to close – just the thing for a dynamic, quality life-style.
The MAM cups are easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher, the steriliser and the microwave.
The plastic the cups are made from is Bisphenol A free - a further positive environmental factor more and more parents consider.
The MAM Learn to Drink design sets itself apart with distinctive shapes and colours, with trendy designer pieces for MAM babies and their fashion-conscious parents.
How MAM supports baby’s drive to learn
Before creating the MAM Trainer Cups & Learn to Drink Cups MAM designers worked together with child psychologists and analysed how babies progress. The most important factor in the acquisition of new capabilities is the so-called “bridging behaviour “: when learning new movement patterns children must gradually approach the new goal until they are able to do it themselves. With the transition from bottle to cup and respectively from cup to ‘proper glass’, this is exactly what is happening: before they can drink from a glass babies first have to practice holding, how to control the weight and how to control the amount of liquid leaving a tipped cup or glass.
“The MAM Trainer & Learn to Drink two-phase-learning concept is ideal,” explains MAM Director Peter Röhrig, “because it perfectly accompanies baby, step-by-step to independency“.

Retail prices – MAM Trainer – R79.99 & Learn to Drink cup R75.99
MAM products are available at all leading baby retail stores, selected Pick n Pay stores and Dis-chem
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