Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bamboo Nappy

Mother Nature Products All In One Bamboo Nappy, R185 each
Our wonderful new nappy is a one piece, one size design that adjusts to fit from birth to potty training and any sizes in-between!
Comfortable: Soft fabric used against baby’s skin: the inner layer is our highly absorbent and 100% natural bamboo-cotton plus a patterned cotton booster in the colour nappies. Two layers of breathable waterproofing are hidden between two soft, poly-cotton layers seen on the outside.
Flexible: use a booster pad for extra absorbency for example at night.
Easy Use: no need for separate parts, just pop your baby on top and fasten (even dad gets it). Removing the nappy is just as easy and one doesn’t have to worry about not having enough covers.
All you need to do is add a (Mother Nature bio degradable) nappy liner to the inside and fasten the poppers according to your baby’s size. For new-borns tuck the inner booster 3 times under itself and fold the front panel down to shorten the crotch; then fasten along the row of 4 poppers or across the waist straps. As baby grows so does the nappy and eventually you do not need to fold the front panel, just the inner pad twice over.
How does the All-in-One nappy compare to the Nature Nappy?
The Nature Nappy cover is separate therefore on hot days the nappy can be worn without a cover. The All-in-One is convenient as there is only one piece to change. The Nature Nappy fits a newborn more snuggly. The All-in-One fits the older baby more snuggly than the Nature Nappy.

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