Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Want luscious lashes?

Dermaheal Eyelash Enhancer, R690

The Dermaheal Eyelash Enhancer is a unique eyelash treatment which is used to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. This unique product delays the fall out of lashes and promotes immediate growth. In just three to eight weeks you will experience stronger, longer and more beautiful lashes.
What is unique about this product?
The Dermaheal Eyelash Enhancer is the only eyelash enhancing product on the market based on Growth Factor technology and does not contain any pharmaceutical ingredients – making it readily available to you without prescription.
 Due to the fact that Growth Factors are naturally occurring in your own body they have no side affects and do not cause skin discolouration or redness of the eyes.
The Dermaheal Eyelash Enhancer adopts an airless pump technology which reduces contact with the air.

For stockists, please call Lamelle Head Office 011 465 5365

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