Monday, May 30, 2011

Dry Like Me

Dry Like Me Potty Training Pads for Children, R59.95 per box of 18 pads
Dry Like Me was invented to help you keep your child in his or her own underwear during potty training and beyond.
 Parents and professionals tell us they believe this is the best way to potty train children, busy parents also told us that is not always easy.
 Dry Like Me will give you and your child confidence during potty training, and peace of mind as they grow older.
We wont tell you how to potty train that is up to you and your child. We just want to help you get there with less stress and less mess.
No rules – just tools!
Dry Like Me is a disposable potty training pad that fits in a child’s own pants, designed to capture small accidents, and help parents and children manage the stress and mess of potty training.
The pad has been designed especially for children and can be worn in a number of different ways to manage a variety of different needs: at the front of the pants to capture wee, at the back to capture poo, both ways together or layered up to increase surface area. Dry Like Me has proven to be an effective potty training tool and in trials reduced the number of accidents children had by up to 43% within one week. The patent pending top sheet has been designed to capture solid matter, while the pad itself will absorb up to 60 mls of liquid. Unlike a nappy, children are aware they have wet the pad as it feels initially wet for a short period of time, and becomes heavy making it more noticeable in their pants. If they are soiling it will protect clothes and help reduce the mess making it easier to clean up and less stressful for everyone.
The patent pending tabs were initially designed to help parents remove the pad hygienically, but they also help older children remove and replace the pads themselves. Each box of  comes with a handy plastic pouch which helps lighten the load, can be carried in handbags or school bags, and is waterproof in case of times when there are no suitable bins for disposal.
  Dry like me potty training pads are suitable for children of all ages. They are ideal for children experiencing on-going small accidents, or who are potty training and need confidence to continue potty training in their own pants. Our pad is ideal for use in a car, while shopping, on journeys, or at school or nursery.
Available at selected Clicks stores.

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