Friday, May 20, 2011


The ACQUIZHEN product range contains cleansers, creams, serums and more, that protects your body against ageing, while revitalising and improving the microcirculation of your skin – helping keep both you – and the planet – healthy and vibrant.

ACQUIZHEN combines accurate science with the best nature to create an innovation in skincare, which is both certified organic and sustainable. Naturally sourced ingredients are optimally formulated, based on research at the Dermal-Research-Laboratories, by Dr Erich Schulte, who has been at the forefront of skincare and skin improvement for decades. In creating the ACQUIZHEN skincare range, he has applied contemporary scientific knowledge to deliver active ingredients (which naturally occur in plants) in effective formulations.

The Range Includes:

        FRESHENING CLEANSER                 100ml – R280.00

        EYE & DELICATE SKIN SERUM        15ml – R520.00

        REPLENISHING DAY CREAM           50ml – R650.00

        NURTURING NIGHT CREAM          50ml – R650.00

        GENTLE EXFOLIATING MASK          100ml – R450.00

        SUNRISE SOAP                                  150ml – R130.00

        REBALANCING MASK                       150ml with 13 tabs – R550.00

        GOOD TO GO COLLECTION            5x travel sized products - R600.00

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