Thursday, May 12, 2011

Safe hair dye

Herbatint is the most natural permanent hair dye available in SA that provides 100% grey coverage and more conditioning, lasting colour. It’s formulated with botanicals, proteins and vegetable extracts and contains no ammonia, no resorcinol and no paraben – meaning it is a lot safer for us and a lot gentler on our hair without the distinctive smell and burning sensation we’re all so used to! Herbatint also contains substantially lower concentrations of PPD (diaminobenzenes/ phenylenediamines) and Hydrogen Peroxide than conventional hair dyes. It is not tested on animals and packaging is recyclable. Best of all is there is a huge range of 30 colours to choose from. The permanent dye is R130 a box.

For a list of stockists contact: Natures Colours SA

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