Friday, June 3, 2011

Tinted Daywear

The mercury has fallen and you’re bikini is gathering dust in the wardrobe so there’s no need for sun protection, right?  Wrong.  A short walk from the train, driving in your car, sitting next to a window – these everyday activities expose damaging doses of the harsh South African sun to your skin.  Even if you don’t see pink, damage caused by cumulative UV exposure may be occurring. 
Cue – INVISIBLE ZINC® TINTED DAYWEAR – the everyday UVA and UVB protecting physical sunscreen, moisturiser and sheer foundation that has sparked cult following and buyer frenzy since its 2007 launch. 
Due to IZ’s unique reflective barrier, skin looks amazing - with none of the ‘covered up’ opaque look foundations can give.  INVISIBLE ZINC® TINTED DAYWEAR is the perfect alternative to foundation for every sun conscious girl and has become an all year round beauty-bag must-have.
TINTED DAYWEAR is a tinted moisturiser and is designed to suit all complexions, giving a touch of sun kissed colour, whilst providing a physical surface layer protection from UVA and UVB rays that put you at risk of sunburn, premature ageing, wrinkles and, of course, skin cancer. 
INVISIBLE ZINC® TINTED DAYWEAR, however, acts as a physical surface layer barrier against UVA and UVB rays, essential not just in times of high sun exposure but every day to prevent sun damage. 
INVISIBLE ZINC® TINTED DAYWEAR is a superior physical sunscreen and foundation which does not load the skin with chemicals and can be worn as everyday protection.
Containing no titanium dioxide, no parabens, no chemical UV filters or mineral oils, and using 100% naturally derived Micronised (non-nano) Zinc Oxide as its only active UV ingredient the result is a light, non-greasy formula for beautiful UV protected skin all year round.
Your skin has never been safer (or more beautiful) thanks to INVISIBLE ZINC® TINTED DAYWEAR.
R225 and is available in Light and Medium
Stockists:  Clicks and selected Pharmacies & Spas

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