Thursday, June 23, 2011

Uplift your spirits

The Fountainhead Upliftment Protection Spray, R99

The Fountainhead Uplifting Protection Spray offers protection from modern day stresses such as noise, electromagnetic radiation from computers, cell phones and pollution. 
It absorbs radiation. It is also a powerful psychic protection spray, used to clear your personal space from negative energies wherever you may be! Strengthening and harmonizing the electromagnetic field.

This is truly an Upliftment Spray made with love over the Taurus full moon and Buddha WesakFestival.

Made with the flower essence vibration of lavender and rosemary, the essence of diamond, sacred geometry, light and colour - absorbing the light of magenta, and purple which are powerful colours against radiation. Lightly scented with geranium oil. 

While this may sound very “esoteric” the famous Dr Masaru Emoto in his research "The Messages From Water" has definitely proven, that water as the basis of life is susceptible to vibrational and spiritual influence and strongly affects our daily well-being.

As per Dr Emoto’s work, this spray bottle holds within it a powerful cleansing and uplifting memory which when sprayed is released for your benefit.

Primarily the essence works on the crown chakra and pineal gland, and by letting in more Spiritual Light, it transmutes stagnant and harmful electromagnetic energies at a cellular level and strengthens, harmonizes and purifies the energy field.

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