Friday, June 10, 2011

Soy body bar

SoyLitesTM Soy Body Bar, R85.50
Natures 100% natural moisturising nourishment for dry skin
SoyLitesTM presents a new and innovative, yet simple moisturising alternative.
A Soy Body Bar is a convenient and easy-to-use moisturising lotion bar. Made from the finest pure and natural oils, a Soy Body Bar is formulated to respond to the temperature of your skin. To use as a hand lotion, hold and rub the Soy Body Bar with both hands and it will begin to melt.
Ideal for use anywhere on your body after a bath or shower for silky, smooth skin. Alternatively, glide the lotion bar on your body where your skin is dry or needs moisturising. For general use at home or outdoors, or to carry with you while on the move. Helps to nourish, sooth, heal and protect dry hands, knees and elbows, dry lips, cracked heels and other skin ailments.
At present there are two Soy Body Bar variants:
        Beauty Body Bar, made with organic rosehip oil, organic jojoba oil, shea butter and pure soy wax - for silky smooth skin.
        African Winter Body Bar, made with organic baobab oil, organic coconut oil, avocado oil and pure soy wax - with tea tree and lemon essential oils - natures warm touch

Instructions: Always store your Soy Body Bar in the metal container provided to maintain freshness. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight to ensure your Soy Body Bar maintains its form. To wash your Soy Body Bar, run under warm/hot water for a few seconds and pat dry.

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