Monday, June 27, 2011

First Aid for Small People

Winter is here which means sniffles and sneezes for little people - Mr. Men to the rescue!

What better way to wipe those little noses with a Mr Sneeze Tissue or to take that temperature with a Mr Sneeze Forehead Thermometer and even better to cool that temperature wih the Mr Cheerful Gooling Gel Sheets.

Mr. Sneeze Tissues - R9.95 - Atishoo! Mr. Sneeze comforts little sniffles!
We all have sniffles – but no one more than Mr. Sneeze! That’s why Oscar + Dehn have developed printed Mr. Sneeze tissues as he is the ideal friend for under-the-weather kids (and adults)! Printed with images of Mr. Sneeze and 3 ply for extra softness these tissues are the perfect remedy for little sniffles. Containing 10 printed tissues, each pack is a handy re-sealable, pocket size.
At home, outdoor play or even on the move, no one comforts more than Mr. Sneeze!
Mr. Sneeze forehead thermometer – R39.95 - No fuss temperature readings!
We all have sniffles – but no one more than Mr. Sneeze! Mr. Sneeze forehead thermometer, for simple and fast temperature reading in both ºC and ºF, all the way from cool through to fever. Perfect for home and travel use, the forehead thermometer is re-usable and supplied in a hygienic storage case – ready to use when you need it most! Printed with Mr. Sneeze, this fun Mr. Men thermometer is just the thing for checking on ill youngsters! Simply hold the forehead thermometer firmly against dry forehead for 15 seconds for no fuss temperature readings.
Mr. Cheerful cooling gel sheets – R19.95 - Soothes heat discomfort in an instant!
Mr. Cheerful was never without a smile – which is ideal when little ones are feeling hot or unwell. Mr. Cheerful cooling gel sheets offer fast acting comfort. They can be used in winter to ease hot foreheads or to soothe after summer sun. Made from a gel layer formulated with refreshing menthol, they are self-adhesive to stay in place and easy to remove. Simply peel back the backing film and apply to forehead for instant use, easy to remove. They work without refrigeration to give comfort for up to 2 hours. Ideal for home use or when travelling – perfect for comfort on the go, when feeling unwell. Contains 2 cooling gel sheets per sachet.
The Mr. Men First Aid range is designed to ease discomfort for children!

Products available at Clicks and Pick 'n Pay Pharmacies.
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