Monday, June 6, 2011

Incense from Rare Earth

Rare Earth – Mosqui Incense, R35
Perfect for summer entertaining and camping. Repels flies & mosquito’s. Smells beautiful.
Ayurvedic Incense
Ayurvedic incense requires a particular preparation process. The base already contains essential oils from roots, bark fruit and resins retained during the manufacturing process. The balanced composition of the final product aims at achieving a specific effect which embraces the knowledge of the principles of Ayurveda medicine, aromatherapy and the mechanisms which govern them.
Lavender or Lemongrass
A natural formulation from Ayurveda, prepared with a blend of several indigenous herbs and pure essential oils, to synergetically enhance the efficiency of the mosquito repellent effect.
Completely natural and free from toxins.
The oils and ingredients are harvested from re-forested and local forest areas, indigenous herbs and flora-organic products without the need for certification.
No perfumes or artificial fragrances are used.
Fair Trade
All the packaging of the products is derived from recycled paper
None of the products are tested on animals
Child labour is not used

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