Friday, June 10, 2011

Natural base cream

Olinat – Pure Natural Base Cream, R200
You can use our pure natural moisturizing cream as a base to make your own custom face cream or body cream, and for that reason, we also offer a selection of pure natural essential oils that you can add to the cream to personalize it for your own requirements.
        Personalizing your natural facial cream or body cream
        The base cream of Olinat was especially designed to take the addition of extra essential oils and extracts in order to assist you in creating your own individual cream to suit your own requirements.
        We offer a whole selection of pure natural essential oils and they are supplied by our sister company, Esoteric Oils (
        Since the base formulation of Olinat cream is 175 ml, we would suggest that you add no more than 4 ml of essential oil (that is about equivalent to 80 drops).

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