Thursday, June 9, 2011

Phytomer brand info

Phytomer Brand Natural origin; sustainable development; marine cultivation
        Phytomer's active ingredients are of natural origin and some are in compliance with Ecocert standard for natural and organic cosmetics.
        Products tested under dermatological supervision, and ophthalmological supervision when necessary (products for the eye contour area). In addition to these tests, carried out by an independent laboratory - the guarantee of complete transparency - we also have perception tests carried out. These help us to understand volunteers' opinions on the texture, color, and fragrance of a product before it is released on the market.
        For several years, Phytomer has preferred the use of ingredients not tested on animals and recommend alternative test methods to avoid all animal testing.
        Respect for the environment when collecting raw materials. We are in constant contact with the natural environment and must protect it. Our seaweed is collected from natural seaweed forests, respecting periods of reproduction and following local regulations, and we work in close cooperation with the harvesters. We adapt our methods for each type of seaweed so as to ensure the preservation of the marine ecosystem.
        From our earliest days, we have always wanted to live every moment in the marine world that is our brand's strength. Our roots in Brittany play a key role in our conceptual framework, making the environment not simply a concern, but a part of our daily lives. The fact that we are so steeped in a culture of the environment facilitates our symbiosis with nature, placing our researchers in constant contact with the marine world that is the source of our discoveries. It is logical, therefore, that we should be among those most interested in protecting our oceans and seas.
        Above all, sustainable development means being familiar with nature, its biodiversity, and its ecosystems so as to understand and protect its resources. Because it uses marine raft cultivation, Phytomer only harvests certain varieties of seaweed from natural sources and only puts into production the necessary quantities. We have set up a crop program in a 70-hectare marine grant within a protected area. Through this program, Phytomer has become a pioneer in cultivating seaweed for cosmetic purposes. We are also currently working on the cultivation of threatened species that may eventually be reintroduced into the natural environment.
This method encourages the restocking of the local ecosystem, since other types of seaweed begin to grow within our crop areas and fish reproduce there naturally. Through this approach, we prioritize the principles and issues of sustainable development for the Brittany coasts.

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