Friday, June 10, 2011

Ease breastfeeding pain

Breast Nurse™ is a new product designed to ease any pain or discomfort associated with breastfeeding!

Whether it is breastfeeding or bottle, any new mom wants what is best for her baby.  The reality is that breastfeeding moms can experience anxiety and pain whilst feeding her baby – either due to engorgement, blocked ducts or mastitis which makes feeding difficult for baby and also creating soreness for mother.
Up until now, nursing mothers have been using hot and cold flannels, frozen peas or cabbage leaves in an attempt to ease the pain. Although effective, the process was messy and there has been no convenient, quick or discreet way to relieve the discomfort.
Breast Nurse™ is changing all of that!  This product is bringing together all the benefits of the traditional remedies in a clean, no-fuss and affordable treatment which is discreet and works fast, so that moms can get on with life!
Why Breast Nurse™?
Breast Nurse™ is a simple home treatment pack which uses warm and cool temperatures to aid milk flow and soothe discomfort fast.  Breast Nurse™ enables mothers to enjoy breastfeeding and their new baby without experiencing any discomfort and pain.
How does Breast Nurse™ help?
Sustained cooling and warming therapy is delivered through two soft packs containing a special thermal gel. Applying a warm treatment helps dilate blocked ducts, allowing milk to flow more freely.  A cool application reduces inflammation, soothing soreness due to engorgement, mastitis or weaning.  The special developed gel stays cool or warmer longer than traditional gels and remains soft straight from the freezer.
How are the packs prepared for use?
For instant cool relief, Breast Nurse™ is stored in the fridge in the hygienic outer carton, or popped in the freezer for a maximum of 10 minutes.  To warm immerse in a bowl of boiling water for 5-10 minutes.
Breast Nurse™ cushions slip easily into the nursing bra for a fast, discreet and effective treatment.
Where can I find Breast Nurse™?
Breast Nurse™ retails for R 149.95  
Tel: 27 83 44 00 968 / +27 72 808 2302
Breast Nurse™ is available from Dis-Chem stores
For more detail on this product visit

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