Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Smart face cream

Dermaphuzion Facial Intelligence Serum, R500

Dermaphuzion® Facial Intelligence Serum has 3 major components:
A Cell Intelligent complex – Celligenze - the ultimate cell repair technology that treats UV stressed skin. Up to now the best that could have been achieved is the slowing down of DNA breakdown where our new Celligenze™ complex is a precursor to DNA synthesis, thereby supporting cells in repairing their DNA.

A phyto-milk for moisture and care – helping by promoting lipid build up which is often lost in washing and accelerates the regeneration of your skin barrier. It also has excellent moisturising properties.

An organic natural restructuring skin repair bio that stimulates optimal epidermal reconstruction of dry or damaged skin thereby improving your facial protective barrier thus regulating your skins water balance.

Dermaphuzion® Facial Intelligence Serum contains No animal Ingredients, No Mineral oils and No Parabens.  It is not tested on animals and is unisex fragranced to make it desirable for all sexes. Suitable for all skin types and colours.

Available from beauty salons, selected pharmacies and health shops (011) 450 3208

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