Thursday, June 2, 2011

Salon-perfect hair

Oh how we’d love to have that salon-perfect blow out each and every day – but brushing, pulling and drying that overnight mess of a mane can be a lengthy workout in itself. Between the 6am morning run, brekkie for the kids, and deciphering between a pant or skirt day, who actually has the time?
As busy as we are, why shouldn’t we look fashion mag fabulous every day? Well, we think you could pull it off with a few helpful tips to cut down your blow drying time.
1. Wrap your hair in a towel to absorb excess moisture as you step out of shower.
2. Turn hair upside down and dry underneath first. It is a quick way to remove the water before styling.
3. If you want to get a smooth finish but don’t have time to both dry and flat iron, help your drying process with a product like Marc Anthony Style Straight Blow Straight Potion. It will help to remove frizz and lock in smoothness as you blow dry, so you can skip the flat ironing process.
4. Make sure you get a cut that works with your natural hair type. If you have super straight hair, getting a cut that works with that  specific hair type saves so much time, vs. a ‘straight haircut’ on curly hair, which will take forever to dry.
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