Friday, June 3, 2011

Balanaced diet for dogs

ACANA – Light & Fit Dog, 2.5 kg   R179.00 and 13.5kg R649.
Compete and Balanced for all adult dogs!
To attain optimal conditioning, overweight dogs require a diet that is high in protein to promote lean muscle mass and satisfy the appetite, moderate in fat to condition the skin, and low in simple carbohydrates that create body fat.
Formulated to promote lean muscle, ACANA Light & Fit is loaded with premium meat ingredients (55%) including free-run chicken and eggs from Canadian prairie farms, and salmon from Vancouver Island’s cool pacific waters – delivered fresh each day so they’re never frozen and contain no preservatives.
High-protein and low-carbohydrate to match the natural diet, ACANA is free of rye, wheat, corn and gluten and instead features fruits, vegetables and steamed Alberta oats – low-glycemic carbohydrates which are low in the simple sugars that can cause weight gain in dogs.
Maine-source omega-3 (EPA, DHA) from fresh Pacific salmon supports immunity and a healthy skin and luxuriant hair coat – your dog’s outer symbol of health and vitality, while organic sea vegetables and prairie botanicals – including juniper berries and red raspberry leaf – provide a rich source of trace elements and phytochemicals to enhance and increase metabolism.
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