Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Planning a Baby?

If you've listened to young parents talking about all their experiences with their children with a sparkle in their eyes, you will know that children are the greatest gift life can bring. The mere anticipation of a pregnancy gives you a small foretaste of all the wonderful experiences that lie ahead.


Your pregnancy test is positive!   So how do I tell him
Finding the right words …when you are experiencing a wave of emotions is not an easy thing to do. But there are other ways of announcing that you're expecting a child than just saying "You're going to be a dad": 
  • Use the element of surprise: Deposit little baby socks or a romper suit in an obvious place in his wardrobe. Or pack some diapers in his briefcase.
  • Plan a romantic dinner at home and serve a little glass of baby mush for dessert – or hide a pacifier in the pudding.
  • Wear a T-shirt bearing the inscription "MAMA" or "BABY ON BOARD" (available in various maternity shops).
  • Body painting for intimate moments: Use a lipstick to write "I'm pregnant" or "Baby inside" ... on your stomach.
  • Present the father-to-be with a photo of the positive pregnancy test.
  • The first ultrasound image is also a great way of sending an encrypted message – put the image in a frame and place it somewhere obvious.
  • Present a textbook on "Becoming a father": Then he'll know that he's going to be a father – and he'll also know what to do.
After informing “dad” and whilst you are now considering how to pass this exciting news on to everyone else, your baby is developing at a breathtaking pace – in the space of just a few weeks, a single cell grows into an embryo which is already five mm long and whose individual body parts and organs are already starting to grow.
Ahead of you lie forty weeks which will be some of the most exciting of your life, forty weeks full of changes and new experiences every single day, forty weeks in which a new person will grow inside you – a pregnancy is one of the most thrilling experiences in life. Make sure you enjoy this wonderful time in your life!

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