Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New takes on fragrance

Angelic Fragrances are made with 100% natural essential oils of the highest quality.  These non-greasy, convenient sprays offer subtle healing.  Quality of life is enhanced when synergistic blends reveal their spread of therapeutic properties.  Our sprays are suitable for all ages, offering natural, chemical free therapy and can be used with peace of mind by the environmentally conscious. 

These beautiful fragrances also draw the Angels closer.

Awakening, R53:

Encourages feelings of well-being and the capacity to see life in perspective. A tonic to the nervous system, reducing stress. Has a cooling regenerative effect on the body.

Used for: menopausal or andropausal symptoms. Eases moods, cools the body


Boni Blu OTG is The NEW convenient unbreakable On The Go fragrance

spray to keep you fresh wherever you go… the gym... office…clubs….any sports or events…

Smaller & lighter than a cell phone…Fits the smallest off bags!!!

In all Bondiblu ladies fragrances, R80 each. Available at leading fashion retailers.

It’s my secret, R550 is the proud initiative of Enhanzed Cosmetics & Cosmeceuticals and The Mrs South Africa Company.  The product is therefore endorsed by each reigning Mrs South Africa.  Mrs South Africa 2009 – Joani Johnson is the current face of Its My Secret.

Enhanzed Cosmaceuticals is a peptide enhanced perfume that will:

Maintain lipid storage to cleavage area – thereby reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles

Delay the effects of premature ageing – improves appearance of elasticity and firmness – ideal for neck, cleavage and chin firming

Hydrate, protect and smooth skin

Minimise the appearance of thickness and volume of double chin fat.

Serum cream moisturising perfume; No alcohol - no effect on pigmentation, Paraben free, Contains no animal ingredients , Not tested on animals

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