Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Fountain of Youth

Another first for Lamelle Research Laboratories as they introduce 
the latest innovation in the search for the fountain of youth!

Throughout our life our skin follows a normal process of shedding and restoring skin cells on a daily basis. In our  younger years this process is highly effective and results in our skin looking and feeling smooth, moist and youthful.  However as we age this process tends to slow down by 30 – 40% due to the reduction in an essential skin enzyme called Cathepsin D. The result is  dry, dull, flaking skin and even fine lines.
Traditional facial scrubs and exfoliants which can contain anything from sea salt, rice and other plant extracts are a popular way of polishing the skin to reveal the new, fresher skin cells beneath.  However the effect is only temporary and can actually aggravate the problem as opposed to solving it – that being the natural slowing down process of our bodies and skin as we age.
Traditional Exfoliators - The Facts:
·         Most exfoliators only have an impact on more than just the Stratum Corneum and are not specific enough to treat the underlying problem of aging.
·         Abrasive exfoliators can actually alter the barrier function of the skin.
·         They can cause photosensitivity due to the altering of the barrier function of the skin.
What if our skin, instead of slowing down it’s shedding and restoring process, could actually continue this natural behaviour throughout our life?
Well it can...with a little help from Cathepzyme from Lamelle Research Laboratories . A product scientifically developed and so advanced that it has the ability to restore  Cathepsin D activity and the skins normal cell shedding process, of which youthful skin is a direct result.
Cathepzyme – The Benefits:
·         Cathepzyme activity is limited to the Stratum Corneum – there is no unnecessary interference with the lower layers of the skin.
·         Cathepzyme can enhance epidermal replacement with virtually no skin barrier disruption
·         Cathepzyme has Cathepsin-D like activity – a very natural way to affect epidermal replacement.
·         It can be used to:
o    Increase the rate of epidermal replacement to normal rates
o   To enhance normal skin exfoliation
o   To maintain the skin barrier while reducing epidermal replacement time
·         It can be used for:
o   Facial skin texture improvement
o   Keratosis Pilaris
o   Pre-peel preparation
o   Home acne and pigmentation programme support
o   Enhancing product penetration

Retail Price R330.00 - available in selected salons

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