Friday, April 29, 2011

It's the big day

Getting married today? Catherine, you look beautiful, but by this afternoon, you’ll need an energy boost.

Vitalyze, from the Zest for Life Vitamin range was specially formulated with great care to provide maximum absorption, vitality and to give you an energy boost. The selected amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients have been combined to help combat fatigue, providing you with the energy to get the most out of your special day. Get them online here.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Get glowing

To perk-up your skin on these (very unseasonal) cold days, give yourself a healthy subtle shimmer with Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mineral Face Powder in Light Bronzer, R175

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't be a tease

If your hair is lank and limp, try using hairspray. Spritz it onto your fingertips, and work it into your scalp using circular movements. This will create lift and volume without having to brush, tease or blow-dry your hair. We love Marc Anthony Pro Finish Ultimate Hold Hair Spray.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fit for a Princess

The Fairy Shop is based in Cape Town and supplies a beautiful range of Fairy and Flower girl outfits to special stores around South Africa.

They stock a wide range of Fairy Outfits; Girls Fashion Wear, Flower girl outfits; baby outfits and accessories such as wands, wings shoeless foot straps and beautiful headwear. Beautiful colours and fabrics are the trademark of all the ranges supplied by The Fairy Shop. Visit for more info.

Buff up

The quickest way to make nails look tidy is to use a buffer. We swear by Ms Manicure Block Party 4 Way Smoothing Block, R29.99 (available at Clicks)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hand care for men!

The hands project a person’s image. Well-groomed hands and nails belong just as much to a well-groomed appearance as nice hair and clothes. Men are increasingly taking a more natural and self-confident approach to visiting nail salons and using hand and nail care products.

LCN Man Care products impress through their easy application. This hand Cream is quickly absorbed and makes the skin soft. The intensively moisturising LCN MAN Hand Cream with a hightech complex of ingredients comprising ivy, rice bran and sun seed extracts, vitamin A and E moisturises and lastingly nourishes stressed male hands.
LCN Man Hand Cream contains active ingredients such as ivy, rice bran and sunflower seed extract to improve natural skin function and create collagen to increase the elasticity of the skin.
The feet do not get the attention they deserve. After sport and especially in the summer men like to have attractive and well-groomed feet. The LCN Man Foot products are ideal for active men. The vitalising LCN Man Foot Cream has a revitalising, stimulating and strengthening effect. The deodorising and moisturising LCN Man Leg Splash is a lasting, refreshing energy booster .

The LCN Man Foot cream is rejuvenating and based on a complex made of taurine, green alge and Siberian ginseng. LCN Man Leg Splash offers a refreshing boost after workouts and contains peppermint_, citrus-, lavender- and cypress oil.

LCN products can be purchased from selected salons or for further information please call Head Office - 087 751 0410

2 for price of 1

Invest in multi-purpose cosmetics, and ones which are easy to use. Products like crayon liners, creamy textured eyeshadow, lip tints and stick blushers that can be used on eyes, lips or cheeks will save you time and money. Invisible Zinc Lip and Cheek Balm, R120, is one of our favourites.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Natural Make- up

If you think organic/natural make-up is dull and dreary, think again!This mascara from gorgeous brand, Physicians formula is one of my absolute favourites. It really coats each lash without leaving any gloopy clumps on my face. I even wear it to gym some mornings (if I need a little pick me up!) because it looks so natural, but lengthens even the tiniest lashes in the corners of my lids. And what I like most is the formula doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives like parabens, chemical fibres or dyes, so my eyes never sting or feel sensitive after using it. I also ADORE the soft, plastic bristles because they bend easily and I never stab myself in the eye like I used to. So if there's one thing you want to treat yourself with this month, it's gotta be this mascara.

R145 from Dis-Chem stores nationwide, or call 011 444 7132

Written by Tammy Jacks

The shining

Shine sprays and serums are hairstylists’ secret weapon. But be careful not apply to much, or you’ll end-up with greasy locks. Apply a small amount of serum to your hands, and rub through dry hair. To apply a spray, it’s best to spray it into the air and walk through it.

We love Marc Anthony Moisture Gloss Daily Drops and Angel Professional Fantsy Party Diamond Gloss Shine Spray.

Fine line

We're loving Physicians Formula Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker - getting a straight line has never been this easy!

For those of you who are really into the look of lined eyes, this gives you the option of making a super-precise line whether it be thick or thin. You can create a dramatic effect without any sharpening or adjusting. These new felt-tip eyeliner pens are fool-proof and fantastic. It is soft and smooth and it is like using an actual felt marker to draw on your eyeliner.

  • Ultra easy-to-use felt-tip eyeliner pen for bold lining.
  • Perfectly defined look of a liquid eyeliner without the mess!
  • Lasts for 24 hours and removes easily with any eye makeup remover.

Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-free. Won't irritate sensitive eyes. Safe for contact lens wearers.

Available in these great colours: Ultra Black, Warm Black, Dark Brown, R125 each. Available exclusively at Dischem stores.

Last of the summer sun

If your tan is fading faster than the summer days, try one of these great Magic Mosaic compacts from Physicians Formula.
Magic Mosaic Multi-Colored Custom Pressed Powder is best for lighter skins, as it evens-out skin tone. You can also use the lighter colours to highlight, and the darker ones to contour. The Powder is available in 2 shades: Translucent/Beige and Beige/Warm Beige

Magic Mosaic Multi-Colored Custom Bronzer is fabulous for darker skins to give a customised healthy bronze glow. The Bronzer comes in 2 shades as well: Light Bronzer/Bronzer and Warm Beige/Light Bronzer.

To apply, simply sweep the brush (which is included, and has it's own compartment in the compact) over your whole face. You can then add more to areas you wish to emphasise.

Both compacts are R175 each and are available exclusively at  Dischem stores.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mircale Multi-Taskers for your Eyes

If you, like me, need help with make-up then check out this video. Physicians Formula products are available at Dis-Chem

Polish tip

Dark nail polish shades take almost twice as long to dry as light ones. So if you’re in a hurry, make sure you opt for a pink or beige shade.

Spot Test

How to hide a blemish correctly: Use a concealer that matches your skin exactly (not lighter). Then apply with a small concealer brush, and tap with your fingers to blend.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Faking it

Fake tan is the only safe way to get a healthy golden glow; we love Xen-Tan Transform Luxe, R230. Exfoliate first, then work upwards from your feet – making sure to go easy on your ankles, knees and elbows, as these areas will hold more product.

Vote for Table Mountain

Table Mountain is in the running to become one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The New Wonders will be announced on 11 November this year, and Table Mountain can only be one of them if we vote. Click here to vote online now.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back to basics

If you suffer from ‘backne’ (acne on your back), use a cleanser designed for problematic skin like Anesi Beaute Dermo Control Gel Mousse, R145, and avoid using any products which could clog your pores.

Protect your Children's Skin

Starting children on skincare at a young age will ensure a future society of skin care wise people. Many of us do not follow our skincare routine as we should because we were never educated on how important it is. Plastic surgery and other invasive techniques are used at a more mature age because we want to turn back the ageing clock. Little do we know! If only we started caring for our skins at an early age, we could have slowed down the ageing process tremendously. Protecting your skin against the sun is a very important part of this. When should a child start using skincare? From the age of 10 years old is a good age to start. You do not want to use highly active ingredients at a young age, but the basics of skincare need to be introduced. Protected skin is healthy skin!

Essential Oils can protect us

Winter automatically suggests cold and flu season, and study after study continues to confirm the antibacterial and antiviral effects of essential oils. Essential oils can protect us from microbes in many different ways, from keeping the space around us naturally microbe-free, to readying our immune system for defense, to actually destroying the microbes once they've entered our bodies.
Several oils have considerable anti-viral activity, and help to boost the immune system. For maximum effectiveness, it is important that you use them at the earliest sign of cold/flu or in some cases as a preventative to boost your immune system.

C side

If you have age spots and discoloured skin, look for products which contain vitamin C – it will help fade them. We love Nimue’s Vitamin C Moisture Mist, R273.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Foot first

Before you stick your feet in boots for the next 6 months, get them in great shape. Tip Top Feet is a fabulous foot range consisting of 5 products to combat odour, hard skin, fungus and infection. Available at Clicks and prices range from R69.99 – R89.99


Velcro rollers make your hair smooth and add height to your hair style without the need for back combing. Blow-dry your hair with a round brush, then put a few rollers in around your crown. Take them out, and tousle with your fingers for a natural beach wave.

Have you thought about how you would like to spoil your mom on her special day?

Mother's Day - 8th May

Brighten your mom's day this year with a Spa-Valous™ massage candle. Our fabulous candles are soy blended and packaged to perfection! THE perfect Mother's Day Gift Idea! Massage candles at their best!

Spa- Valous™ Mother’s Day Massage Candles

Did you know that many standard candles are made from crude oil by products? Burning candles releases all sorts of nasty stuff; including benzene, styrene, acetone and particulate matter into the air. The wicks on some candles may even contain lead! Additionally, scented candles may contain more synthetic chemicals. As a more earth friendly and healthy choice, Spa-Valous™ massage candles are the way to go, candles scented with essential oils and body safe fragrances  Top notes of Fruity Citrus; Middle Notes of Floral Jasmine, Lavender and Rose and Base Notes of Vanilla makes this candle an irresistible fragrance.  Use them to massage and moisturise the entire body and to fill the air with the “scent of a woman”.  The Spa-Valous™ Mother’s Day candle is packaged in a beautiful white and black box with a silver and white ribbon, just right for that special Mom in your life.

Heel Wednesday - Mach 2

Good turn out this week - but there always has to be one who doesn't... We expect a full house next week!

Be friends with brown

For a subtle daytime look, use brown mascara and eyeliner instead of black. It's less harsh than black, and gives a more natural finish. It also suits all skin tones and eye colours.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Travel light

Easter is upon us and for those who are travelling we make travelling a little lighter...

Many of us love the thrill of getting away even if it’s just for the weekend whether it’s to get away from the hustle and the bustle and getting back to one with nature, or backpacking through a major metropolis or travelling extravagantly. 

In saying that, many of us don’t enjoy giving up our beauty routine even if it is only for a couple of weeks or even days.Luckily for us the beauty industry has caught onto this fact and now we can take our favourite little indulgences with us.

Let us help make your life and baggage a little lighter.

Brush up

We all brush our hair and teeth everyday, but how many of you brush you body?
Yes, we're serious. Body brushing for a few minutes a day on dry skin will help exfoliate and stimulate blood circulation, which will help reduce the appearance of cellulite, and reveal brighter looking skin.
Using long, sweeping strokes, start at your feet and work upwards towards your heart. Then start with your arms and work downwards, again towards your heart.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Skin Quencher

We’ve initiated bare-faced Mondays at Freebees, so we can try-out face products without ruining our make-up. Today we’re trying QMS Medicosmetics Hydro Foam Mask, R500. The foam contains silk proteins to help balance the moisture levels within the cells; Jojoba oil for its anti-inflammatory properties; and Hyaluronic acid for maximum moisture retention (this is a good thing on your face). The effect is firmer, plumper, more radiant looking skin (even on bare-faced Monday).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Funk it up

The lovely Rihanna has kept the red, but is sporting a new pixie crop. If you are brave enough to go for the chop too, funk it up with a bit of Angel Professional Fantasy Party Fiber Control for Texture and Shine, R160. Rub a small amount between your palms, and rub through hair. Call 012.997.1674 for stockists.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is PTSD?

By Sue Ansell and Kerry Swarts

PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder and it happens when people have been exposed to stress or trauma through a particular event or through ongoing stress and they have become ‘stuck’ and unable to free themselves, remaining in a state of continual fear and guardedness.
How does stress or trauma result in PTSD?
When a trauma happens that is not a normal experience, for example, sexual abuse, physical attack, car hi-jacking or experiencing a violent crime, your brain adapts to cope with the event. In fact, it rewires itself and it retains this state even if there is no immediate danger. Although your conscious mind may know there is nothing to fear, your rewired subconscious mind may take over and you may find yourself constantly on guard.
What sort of events can result in PTSD?
  • Seeing something horrifying
  • Being involved in conflict/war
  • Ongoing neglect
  • Physical violence
  • Abuse (mental, emotional or physical)

Something to Smile About


Hollywood A- listers have lots to smile about; whether its Scarlett Johansson gracing the latest cover of Russia’s GQ magazine, Anne Hathaway named best dressed actress at the Golden Globes, Blake Lively becoming the new face of Chanel handbags, Kim Kardashian opening her third Dash store in New York or Jessica Alba hitting Beverly Hills playground with her little girl Honor Marie. These famous celebs have plenty of reason to flash their stunning white teeth to the camera.

Glance through any gossip magazine and the stars will be beaming back at you with beautiful, straight white teeth. Yet not everyone is born with a perfect grin, so what’s the secret to a striking celebrity smile? For most people in the public eye the key to enhancing a sparkling grin may include teeth whitening toothpaste, whitening kits and cosmetic surgery. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Being laid low by colds and flu is a common problem worldwide. In the United States alone, there are more than one billion colds reported each year* – meaning that you and your children are probably more likely to catch one than any other illness!

Linctomed Syrup is a unique, cherry-flavoured treatment designed to nip nasty germs in the bud.
A powerful, all-natural cough and cold preparation for the whole family, Linctomed may be used during colds, flu and acute and chronic respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis and sore throat.