Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hand care for men!

The hands project a person’s image. Well-groomed hands and nails belong just as much to a well-groomed appearance as nice hair and clothes. Men are increasingly taking a more natural and self-confident approach to visiting nail salons and using hand and nail care products.

LCN Man Care products impress through their easy application. This hand Cream is quickly absorbed and makes the skin soft. The intensively moisturising LCN MAN Hand Cream with a hightech complex of ingredients comprising ivy, rice bran and sun seed extracts, vitamin A and E moisturises and lastingly nourishes stressed male hands.
LCN Man Hand Cream contains active ingredients such as ivy, rice bran and sunflower seed extract to improve natural skin function and create collagen to increase the elasticity of the skin.
The feet do not get the attention they deserve. After sport and especially in the summer men like to have attractive and well-groomed feet. The LCN Man Foot products are ideal for active men. The vitalising LCN Man Foot Cream has a revitalising, stimulating and strengthening effect. The deodorising and moisturising LCN Man Leg Splash is a lasting, refreshing energy booster .

The LCN Man Foot cream is rejuvenating and based on a complex made of taurine, green alge and Siberian ginseng. LCN Man Leg Splash offers a refreshing boost after workouts and contains peppermint_, citrus-, lavender- and cypress oil.

LCN products can be purchased from selected salons or for further information please call Head Office - 087 751 0410

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