Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have you thought about how you would like to spoil your mom on her special day?

Mother's Day - 8th May

Brighten your mom's day this year with a Spa-Valous™ massage candle. Our fabulous candles are soy blended and packaged to perfection! THE perfect Mother's Day Gift Idea! Massage candles at their best!

Spa- Valous™ Mother’s Day Massage Candles

Did you know that many standard candles are made from crude oil by products? Burning candles releases all sorts of nasty stuff; including benzene, styrene, acetone and particulate matter into the air. The wicks on some candles may even contain lead! Additionally, scented candles may contain more synthetic chemicals. As a more earth friendly and healthy choice, Spa-Valous™ massage candles are the way to go, candles scented with essential oils and body safe fragrances  Top notes of Fruity Citrus; Middle Notes of Floral Jasmine, Lavender and Rose and Base Notes of Vanilla makes this candle an irresistible fragrance.  Use them to massage and moisturise the entire body and to fill the air with the “scent of a woman”.  The Spa-Valous™ Mother’s Day candle is packaged in a beautiful white and black box with a silver and white ribbon, just right for that special Mom in your life.

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