Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Natural Make- up

If you think organic/natural make-up is dull and dreary, think again!This mascara from gorgeous brand, Physicians formula is one of my absolute favourites. It really coats each lash without leaving any gloopy clumps on my face. I even wear it to gym some mornings (if I need a little pick me up!) because it looks so natural, but lengthens even the tiniest lashes in the corners of my lids. And what I like most is the formula doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives like parabens, chemical fibres or dyes, so my eyes never sting or feel sensitive after using it. I also ADORE the soft, plastic bristles because they bend easily and I never stab myself in the eye like I used to. So if there's one thing you want to treat yourself with this month, it's gotta be this mascara.

R145 from Dis-Chem stores nationwide, or call 011 444 7132

Written by Tammy Jacks


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