Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Something to Smile About


Hollywood A- listers have lots to smile about; whether its Scarlett Johansson gracing the latest cover of Russia’s GQ magazine, Anne Hathaway named best dressed actress at the Golden Globes, Blake Lively becoming the new face of Chanel handbags, Kim Kardashian opening her third Dash store in New York or Jessica Alba hitting Beverly Hills playground with her little girl Honor Marie. These famous celebs have plenty of reason to flash their stunning white teeth to the camera.

Glance through any gossip magazine and the stars will be beaming back at you with beautiful, straight white teeth. Yet not everyone is born with a perfect grin, so what’s the secret to a striking celebrity smile? For most people in the public eye the key to enhancing a sparkling grin may include teeth whitening toothpaste, whitening kits and cosmetic surgery. 

Nowadays you can easily find a range of teeth whitening toothpastes in most supermarkets and they guarantee white teeth in no time. This could be one of the very basic choices that some of these stars make; and when teamed up with regular flossing (a very important part of dental hygiene) and mouth wash, you can easily achieve irresistible white teeth.  

Another popular choice by many actors, models and singers is teeth whitening kits, as it helps them achieve the desired whiteness without having to make a dreaded trip to the dentist. So with a few simple steps, they can pull off a killer smile that won’t take much time out of their ever so busy schedules. 
However there are many stars that are happy to pay big dollars to use cosmetic dentistry as an effective way to whiten their teeth. Cosmetic dentists all over the world offer a variety of teeth whitening services to improve stars looks and help them achieve their dream smile. Laser treatments have become very popular amongst celebrities and are known as the most expensive celebrity teeth whitening method.
So apart from a lot of great teeth whitening products on the market, what is it that gives certain Hollywood stars the best smile? 

Scarlett Johansson: Sexy Scarlett’s famous smile involves beautiful symmetry, full lips and straight white teeth. When the newly single Ms Johansson flashes her smile, she looks radiant, youthful and extremely natural.
Anne Hathaway: 2011 Oscar host Anne has an amazingly beautiful lip shape and when she smiles her mouth stretches wide, making it a grin that projects excitement and happiness. It would be hard to look at her without smiling yourself.
 Blake Lively: Gossip Girl’s Blake is a good example of the sweet smile that ticks every box; her super white teeth and wide grin gives the impression she is a constant smiler.
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’s “It” girl of the moment KK Kim’s great smile begins with shiny white teeth. Her knock-out smile and pearly whites exude confidence and sexiness like no other.
Jessica Alba: Hot mama Jessica has a nurturing smile that is prominent and noticeable, not to mention soft and warm. Her friendly grin is soothing, calm and so pleasant to look at.
Now that we’ve revealed our favourite celebrity smiles we want to know which Hollywood star you think has the best smile and whitest teeth. Also don’t forget to tell us why you think this famous star has the hottest grin in Tinseltown?

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