Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Teething pains

Teething is a painful time for babies and it is a frustrating time for parents too,  but knowing what to expect can make teething a little less painful for both.
As babies start to teeth they start to drool a little more and also like to chew on things. Sometimes the teething process is not painful for babies but generally some discomfort is felt. Some babies may have stages of irritability and for some babies these stages can lasts for weeks. Expect more crying and interrupted sleeping & eating patterns. Swollen and tender gums could also occur along with slightly raised temperatures. However if you are in doubt about the symptoms you should contact your doctor.
For some relief try TeetheEaze Gel

TeetheEaze Gel is a soft soothing gel specially designed to soothe sore gums and because the gel is soft it makes application to tender gums super easy

TeetheEaze gel is one of a few alcohol and sugar free products available

Available in selected pharmacies nationwide

Retail price R27.99

Contact Person: Kim Moriarty
Tel Number: 011 764 2510 / 083 229 6003

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