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Tip Top Nail Chic Review

Tip Top Nail Chic in Space Cadet

Whether you’re into a sexy fire engine red or a classic French mani, you can’t deny that beautifully painted nails make a major difference to any outfit. Besides for adding a bit of fun (nail colour is the ultimate accessory), it also gives you an overall look of being well-groomed and polished (excuse the pun!). As much as I love painted nails, I don’t do mine as often as I’d like to. I usually blame it on lack of time, so I’ve recently decided to make the time and paint them while watching the news or chatting on the phone (set to ‘speaker’ of course!).
I’ve always been very strict on what type of polishes I buy- no matter how gorgeous the shade or texture, I never compromise on quality, as I know it’ll cost me loads of time fixing chipped colour. Our beauty editor at rubybox has been raving about Tip Top Nail Chic ever since I met her, so I’ve always been keen to try it out, and when it was featured in one of our May rubyboxes, I jumped at the chance.
I tried Space Cadet, a navy blue shade with a hint of sparkle, which I thought would be great with the greys and blacks I’ve been wearing since winter approached. I applied two coats of colour (plus a clear base and top coat), and was left with a beautiful deep, glittery shade of blue. The colour passed my seven day test and only starting chipping after a full week, making it the perfect product to apply on a Sunday evening for the working week ahead. Plus the application was quick and easy thanks to the large flat brush.
Besides for the long-lasting quality and wide range of shades available, I love that this product is animal-friendly and free of nasty chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde and camphor. Now that I know and love the brand I can’t wait to try out some of the other colours available – there’s over 50 to choose from!
Tip Top Nail Chic is available at Clicks stores nationwide.

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