Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lamelle restores the skin’s shedding function

Lamelle Research Laboratories have formulated Cathepzyme, a revolutionary product that replicates the Cathepsin D enzyme in the skin, which controls skin shedding. As we age, this enzyme declines causing an uneven, dull skin tone – a factor that has been proved to age the skin far quicker than wrinkles.
Cathepzyme restores normal skin shedding. Its activity is limited specifically to the stratum corneum with virtually no skin barrier disruption, and, by having Cathepsin-D like activity; it affects epidermal replacement without irritation. 

This product also supports the treatment of acne and pigmentation, improves keratosis pilaris, can be used for pre-peel preparation, and enhances product penetration.
After three months of use, clinical studies have shown a 49% improvement in hydration, 38.3% improvement in firmness, 11% improvement in dermal thickness and a 13% improvement in epidermal thickness.

written by Sally  Harvey 
Editor in Chief
Professional Beauty

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