Monday, October 17, 2011

Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream

Smoothes and defines course or frizzy hair while locking in soft, shiny curls. Formulated with natural Soya Bean, and Avocado Oil, the innovative Perfect Curl Cream helps highlight curls while keeping it all under control. It’s lightweight, non-sticky formula defines your curls as it creates ultimate frizz control. This curly hair product for extra frizzy hair is perfect for coarse curls that need a guiding hand. It adds moisture leaving curls soft and natural with a frizz-free finish that shines all day.

Pro Styling Tips

Apply from root to end scrunching hair as you go. Do not comb through, use you’re your fingers to enhance the natural movement in your hair. Allow to dry naturally or lightly diffuse.

Products are available from:
PnP Hypers and selected PnP Stores, Checkers Hypers and Selected Checkers stores nationwide and in Dis-Chem

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