Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glitter Nail Polish - Festive and Functional


Limited edition

Sure, we all love wearing that fancy cocktail rings that steal everyone’s attention the minute you fling your hand in the air, but what if both hands could have as much power? The latest trend is to wear glitter nail polish instead of wearing those fancy, sparkly rings. This is a fun look for a night out because it will instantly dress you up. Your fingers will sparkle and you will make quite a lasting impression and to top it off, glitter polish normally lasts longer than the regular solid, so you won’t have to worry about chips the day after! Glitter nail polish has the status as a trend. It sparkles at night, but still dresses up your everyday look without going overboard.
When you think of glitter, what comes to mind? If you are thinking about Christmas packages and holiday decorations, you are on the right track. Glitter can be around long after the holidays are over. Glitter nail polish will give you that festive holiday look throughout the entire year.

Colour Options

Glitter often brings to mind silver and gold. If you are looking for either of these delightful colours in glitter nail polishes, you will not be disappointed. However, there are many other colours from which to choose, also. When it comes to glittery nail polishes, you are limited only by your imagination and your own preferences.

The Tip Top Rikki Brest ‘8 till Late’ Glitter Range consists of blue, green, red, fuchsia, and purple glitters to mention but a few. Whether you want to match or contrast with your outfit, or simply wear your favourite colour, you do not have to limit yourself to plain glossy or matte nail polish. All of these colours and more are available in sparkly glitter. Daytime or night time, your nails can catch the light and shine. You will look as great in the summer sunlight as you do at a wintertime party. Glitter is definitely not only for the holiday season anymore.
Six new show stopping, fully loaded, full coverage glitters to rock your nail colour world! Ultra long-wearing, glossy nail lacquers by Tip Top are free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) - chemicals that are known to cause cancer and birth defects. Tip Top Nail Polish is vegan friendly. Tip Top..Technology Fused with Fashion!

Retail price R39.99 each
Tip Top is exclusive to Clicks

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