Friday, August 12, 2011

Physicians Formula, #1 in Bronzers in the USA.

Currently, Physician's Formula has nine fabulous bronzers in their range, providing a bronzer for every mood, shade of skin and every style.

From the bronzed-up babe, to the subtle St Tropez glow to the barely- there hue, Physicians Formula Bronzers have it all.

Physician's Formula Bronzers are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and talc-free, perfect for sensitive skins.

These versatile bronzers come in a wide variety of browns flecked with pinks, peaches, and golds to create a healthy, sun-kissed glow to all skin tones, without that fake orange undertone.
Many of the bronzers are multi-shaded, so they can be used as blush, bronzer, eye shadow and contour all in one, making them incredibly hand-bag and travel- friendly.

Joanna Schlip, Physicians Formula’s international celebrity makeup artist, whose clientele include a host of celebrity clients such as Megan Fox, Eva Longoria and Christina Applegate, to name a few, shares some beauty secrets and tips about bronzing up using Physicians Formula Bronzers

 Physicians Formula has created this handy chart to help you create your glow from their wide variety of bronzers.

Physicians Formula Bronzers are ideal for darker skin tones as they are rich in pigment without being too shiny, so after application they won’t go ashy, dull or disappear, instead you’ll be left with healthy sun-kissed and natural glow.

With the wide variety of Physicians Formula Bronzers available, why save the bronzer for summer? No matter the mood, the style, or season Physicians Formula bronzers have you covered.  

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